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Friday, October 30, 2009

Hitting the Big 10

Hao was born quite big size - 3.67kg, exactly 1kg more than his sister Lynn. He gained 1.4kg within the first month. So when Hao full moon, he was 5.1kg. When I brought him to hospital for check-up, people kept on asking me - was Hao a 3 months old baby? Hao continued to gain >1kg for the 2nd month. During 2nd month, Hao got fractured femur and was admitted to the hospital for the first time. And subsequently I sent him to a different babysitter, as Lynn's babysitter was unable to take care of him. After that, Hao no longer gained 1kg in a month. In fact, he gained about 200-300g in a month only. At first, he was on the 90th percentile. We were thinking he's on the big size and worry if he might become over weight if he continues to gain >1lg in a month. But then later when his weight was not increasing much, I started to worry about his growth as Lynn got a steady 1 month 1kg when she was a baby. Both are fully breast fed. When breastfeeding Hao, I even cooked soup everyday for myself so make sure my body is strong enough to produce good quality bm for the baby.

After few months of unsatisfactory weight gained on Hao, I asked the paed what I can do during one of the check-up appointment. The paed first asked about Hao's diet, she then recommended me to replace one milk serving with semi-solid food. And on top of that, give him those food with higher fat, like butter, cheese, olive oil. Very interesting thing is Hao was weight 8.8kg and height 77cm at 1 year old, exactly same as Lynn! But don't forget Lynn was born 1kg less than Hao.

Soon after Hao turned 1 year old, I replaced his 2nd morning milk with baby cereal (previously I used to give him baby cereal during weekend at home, but not for weekdays. So now extended to weekdays): -

7am Morning milk at home, from mama ^_^
10am Baby cereal
1pm Porridge
3pm EBM
5pm Porridge
8pm Some rice and food, from our dinner
10pm Last feeding of milk, from mama ^_^

7am Morning milk at home, from mama ^_^
10am Bread with butter and cheese, and some biscuit
12pm Baby cereal
3pm Another milk from mama before taking afternoon nap ^_^
6pm Porridge
8pm Some rice and food, from our dinner
10pm Last feeding of milk, from mama ^_^

After 4 months, we noticed his face become rounder and heavier when I carry him (alright, must remind myself to post some recent photo of him. :D) Yesterday Hao was having some fever, so I took him to the doctor and managed to weight him. He has gained about 1.4kg and finally hitting 10.2kg at 16th month. Not sure if this is a good weight gain (I hope so) but as long as his weight is increasing I feel happy and relief. :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our weekly dinner venue and menu

After turning three, Lynn remembers what she has eaten and she will tell us what she wants to eat. Noodle, rice, the pao etc. She may not know the exact food name but we know what she is asking. "Mama I want to go there. I want to eat there. That one. That one" *Pointing at the Mamak restaurant when we drive pass the restaurant.* "I want to eat fish." Alright, she wants to eat the Roti sardin.

I used to order Roti banana or Roti telur for her. Banana and egg are her favorite. But after her papa has given her Roti Sardin, she started asking for it almost every week. So now our dinner venue every Thu will be mamak, with Roti sardin as our dinner menu. And her favorite drink? The so-called Pink color drink by her - syrup bandung. :) Since 2 weeks back, Lynn started to ask for ice cream during dinner. So added one more item to her dinner menu - ice cream. She will share it with Hao. As for Hao, he will take whatever we give him.

The people working at the mamak, are very friendly. Maybe they see our faces every week, they like to play with Lynn and Hao whenever they saw them. When they walk past, they like to touch them, play with them. When we make payment, they normally will treat the kids with some sweets, which also another reason why Lynn likes to eat there. At one time, it was raining heavily while we were halfway eating. We had no umbrella with us. One of the people from the shop like can read our mind, lend us an umbrella, without us asking for it.

Besides the friendliness, the food taste good and reasonable price, make us a regular customer there. One time we tried another mamak restaurant over the other end of the shop lot, the quality is terrible. For the same amount that we are paying, I can see only one thin layer of the sardin fish in their roti sardin which I can hardly taste it, not to mention the small serving size. Hubby ordered maggie goreng, where the noodle was tough, not being cooked long enough. Just that one time only, we never go back that mamak restaurant again. We go back to our usual eating place. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fighting for Mommy

As Hao grows older, he's becoming more and more attached to me. :D Nowadays, he likes to sit on my lap. Let's say I am eating and he comes over to ask food from me, usually I will ask him to sit down before giving him the food. I prefer the kids are not running around when eating, to distinguish eating time and playing time. Whenever I ask him to sit down, he will turn around and try to sit on my lap. After he has sat down on my lap, he will lean his back to my body, enjoying himself. :D When Lynn saw this, she will come over, trying to squeeze herself, on my lap too! Hahahaha! So I will have Hao on the left and Lynn on right. :D

Usually when I was using my pc, Hao will play with Lynn on the same room with me. Sometimes when Hao get bored of playing and wants to have my attention, he will come near me, standing next to my chair and asking me to pick him up. Before I manage to pick up Hao, Lynn will come over and ask for some attention from me too! Sometimes she may try to find more space to get closer to me, and thus squeezing Hao and Hao will complain about it! Hahahaha! And if I pick up Hao, and put him sitting on my lap. Lynn will try to climb up the chair and sit on my lap too! :D Similarly, if Lynn was the one next to my chair and I was talking to her, Hao will come over and try to ask for my attention too!

Am I enjoying this? Indeed. Do I sound evil? Hehehe.. Just trying to enjoy being the center of attention from the children. Who knows, when will be the day where they no longer fight for me. :P

Monday, October 19, 2009

Little MJ Fans

Few months back when Michael Jackson passed away, my mom brought some MJ DVDs back home and she gave one to me. So back to my own home, we had played it once. And since then, it's almost like a weekly event to watch MJ concert at home. Almost every weekend, Lynn will ask us to play the MJ DVD for her.

Lynn: Papa, I want to watch the aunty singing.
LOL She thought MJ is an aunty, simply because MJ's hair was about shoulder length and he tied it up during the concert!

Papa: That one is not aunty. He's an uncle.
OK, so papa turned on the TV and played the MJ DVD.

Lynn: Papa, you see the uncle is wearing diaper also!
LMAO in that concert, MJ was wearing a gold color bodysuit, with a short jacket on top of it and a pair of black pants. So at first glance, he looked like "Superman" style - wearing the panty outside. Only in the next song where he had removed his jacket, then only I realized he's wearing a bodysuit. :)


I was preparing meal at the kitchen behind and Lynn was watching MJ concert at the living room. Hao watched for a while and then he came to the kitchen to look for me. I put him sitting on a kids stool watching me preparing the food. After a while, I heard MJ was singing one of his signature songs - Black and White. And shortly after that, I saw Hao got up from the stool, and move towards the living room, and watched MJ singing Black and White! Even a one year old kid is attracted by him! Hahahaha!

So now you know why I don't need Astro anymore as just one MJ Concert DVD is enough. :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Firstborn Personality

Took this quiz quite a while ago for fun on Lynn and this is what I get: -

Whether or not the child you took this quiz for was actually the first child born into your family, she definitely has a Firstborn Personality. What does that mean? Well, even though she's a natural born leader, she'll want to uphold the status quo, and continue to do things the way she sees her parents doing them. Typically, the firstborn child will not be the family rebel. She will not necessarily try to shake things up. The firstborn child thrives in the glow of all the attention she receives in being the first and only child of the family, for at least a little while - until the younger sibling come along. Being the firstborn, your child has some insight into her parents' personalities; therefore, she absorbs much of their belief system and attempts to impart that to her younger siblings. When the other siblings come along, you can expect your firstborn child (or your child with the firstborn personality) to be an eager little helper and occasional babysitter (where she gets to boss the younger kids around!) The role the firstborn child fulfills enables them to become capable, ambitious, hard-working adults - albeit a bit neurotic.

This is quite true actually. Lynn likes to play the big sister role and boss Hao around. :D She will scold Hao what is the things he cannot do. She knows what food not to be given to Hao. She will play the spy role and reports to me what Hao has done. Whatever food that I give to Hao, she wants her share too. And not only that, she also want to take over my job to help feeding Hao on cereal and porridge. Unfortunately she cant do it well yet and ends up I got to do more cleaning.

Not sure if good or not for her to boss around Hao. At home, she also likes to play the pretend game where she was the "teacher" at school, ordering her friends to do this and that. But I do tell Lynn not to shout at Hao. This is papa and mama's job, not her job. I don't want Hao to have a sister who always scolds him around. In terms of food, Lynn is very generous and she does not mind to share her food with any of us. However when come to toys, she is not that generous yet despite we keep on telling her to share. Sometimes she expects Hao listen to her instructions but she does not understand that Hao is still young for it yet. It is nice to see them play together at home but sometimes it is also headache when they started to fight for the toys. Sigh. Lynn is still pretty much jealous with her brother here and still asking lots of attention from us. Still trying my best to make her understand we love them both and each of them has special place in our heart.

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