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Monday, November 23, 2009


Ordering food at the mamak.

Me: Lynn, what do you want to drink?
Lynn: I want the PINK color drink.
Ha...Syrup bandung again.


Lynn needs a new pair of shoe.

Lynn: Mama Lynn need new shoe.
Me: Yes we will go buy new shoe for you.
Lynn: Mama, I want PINK color shoe. I want PINK color shoe.
Mama: OK......


Time to bathe the kids. I ask Lynn to take her own clothes from the drawer.

Lynn: Mama, I want to wear this PINK color panties.
Mama: OK......


I went for a massage session. Hubby was choosing which DVD to watch with the kids.

Papa: Lynn, we watch Kung Fun Panda ok?
Papa want to watch Kung Fu Panda.

Lynn: No I don't want. I want this PINK color one.
Pointing at the DVD with pink color picture. Pink again.... Papa was shaking his head. Hahaha!


Basically, it is easy to buy or get anything for Lynn - anything PINK is good and she will sure say yes. But, it is also make the buying difficult. We wanted to buy the new shoe for her some time ago. But don't have pink color shoe that is her size! Got another good design that fit her, but no pink color and she does not want it. We did not buy at the end worry that she may refuse to wear it.

When Lynn was much younger, I bought her quite a lots of pink color clothes. But this is because most of the baby girls clothes out there are pink color! Not that I want everything in pink. Not sure if it is because of this that made her like pink? But back when I was pregnant with her too, I remembered I kind of like to wear pink also. So is she born to like pink color? *Shrug*

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My sweetie

Saw some old pic of Lynn the other day when I do some clean up on the folders of my pc.


IMG_4093a Lynn 1st CNY with us – she was 9 months old.


The yellow cap is actually belongs to me when I was a baby…. my mom kept it so well!

lynn2 We were attending wedding dinner of a colleague. Lynn was 1.5 years old. Isn’t she so sweet and cute in this picture? :D

DSC_0047bAttending wedding dinner of another colleague. Lynn was 3 years old. Still same look? :P

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stay dry at night (Part 2)

Have you ever heard of cannot talk how good your child is? Else he/she will "hear" it and become the opposite? I'm not the type that pantang this pantang that, but it happens quite a number of times already so I tend to be more careful now. I'm sure you guys are very smart and know what I'm going to write... so I don't have to spell it out very clearly. Also not sure if this is still early to tell, but keep my fingers crossed. :D

In July, I talked about Lynn started go diaper-less at night. Since about 2-3 weeks back, I stop waking up Lynn in the middle of the night to ask her to go toilet. Why? This is because when I woke her up, she refused to go toilet! She will tell me she went to toilet already and she just wants to continue sleeping. Previously, I will insist she has to go, because if not very high chance she will wet her bed. And if she wet her bed, in the morning I will tease her.

Me: Eee... Lynn chou chou (smelly).

: Then mama wash the bed sheet... no more chou chou
Wah so smart, know to tell me to wash bed sheet some more.

Me: Er... don't want to wash the bed sheet. Let you chou chou. Mama asks you to go toilet, you don't want. So now chou chou.

: Mama wash the bed sheet la.

Begging me some more, hahaha!

: No. Lynn should go toilet and not wet the bed, make the bed chou chou.
Insist to her that I'm not going to wash the bed sheet just because she wet the bed.

Not sure if this works? Or she really has grown up? Or could be both? Since 2-3 weeks back, when she refused to go toilet, I let her be. And guess what? No chou chou in the morning! For the next few days, I continued to wake her up but she always gives me same answer "I go toilet already" and refused to go. And the next morning, same thing! And first thing after she wake up, she will visit the toilet. :) So since then, I stop waking her up in the middle of the night. She can have better sleep through the night too.

Am I happy? Of course! Except her bad habit of picky eating and thumb sucking, she's easy. Never thought I can complete the night toilet training in about half year time. Any tips? Not much. I do give her rewards when she keeps the bed dry for a period of time and that make her happy. But one thing for sure is I consistently wake her up every night to go toilet. And consistently tell her that, must pee in the toilet and not on the bed, and don't pee when sleeping. I hope next time when it's Hao's turn... it is also as smooth as Lynn. *Keep my fingers crossed*

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