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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back pain

When I was young, I always heard my mom or grand mother complaining having back pain, especially after they had carried something heavy. I was still a teenager. At that time, having back ache seems like not something happen to me very frequently.

The last time I had terrible back ache, was when I was pregnant with Hao. I was around 8 months pregnant during that time. It was a Saturday and we were getting ready to travel to Malacca for a short trip with my parents and my brother family. Lynn was 2 years old that time. She was much attached to me, and even more when I was pregnant. She always demanded me to carry her. So that morning, she asked to be carried again. It was my mistake actually. I thought just for a while, I did not squat down before carrying her. I just bend down and when I wanted to lift her up, *OUCH!!!* I felt a sharp burning sensation on my back! I shouted in pain, and put her down immediately. For a while, I couldn't move at all. Just stood there letting the pain go off. I could hardly walk. But I thought it would go off soon so I did not think much about it. Just continue to load the stuff into the car and then we set off to Malacca.

During the car ride, the pain did not go away. In fact, it was getting worse. When we stopped the car for toilet break, I had difficulty getting down from the car to bring Lynn to the toilet. I could hardly walk too. Every movement would cause me in great pain. I consider myself have very high tolerance on the pain, still could not take it. It was very very very painful. Much much more painful than giving birth. :(

After taking our lunch in Malacca, we decided to pay a visit to the doctor. We went to one of the hospital in the town. Seeing my big tummy, at first the nurses thought I'm going to deliver! LOL! The doctor checked my blood pressure and my back. He prescribed me panadol as pain killer. He mentioned that it is safe for me to take the panadol. He also gave me some patches to put on my back, to relief the pain. Could not remember the name now. I did not take the panadol but I did put on the patch. The patch did help a lot. Still painful, but at least I could move around. Night time sleeping was another night mare. I could not get up alone without help, to go to the toilet. I could not turn my body too. Every movement was a great pain. It was a restless night.

Could not remember how long I suffered from that back pain. But Lynn did not ask for carry anymore after that. She knew I was in pain. She would say "Mama pain pain".

Few months back, I experienced some back pain too. During that time, I had coffee almost every working day. So I tried to cut down the coffee intake, and the back pain would go away. Since then, I limit myself to maximum of 3 cups of coffee a week. Usually I only consume 2 cups per week.

For the past one month, consistently I'm having back pain almost everyday. At first I thought maybe due to coffee. However despite I stop taking coffee for the whole week, the pain did not go away. I also tried putting a small pillow under my back when I sleep at night, but it did not help much this time (this method used to work well for me before this). It is not very pain, still bearable, but VERY annoying. I can feel the pain most of the time, whether I am walking, sitting, or even sleeping. I'm not sure is it due to carrying Hao? He is getting heavier now. However I don't really carry him much nowadays. Not even more than 5 minutes. A short hug and carry when I pick up the kids at my parents house (Hao will sure ask for carry, except if he's sitting in the high chair having his dinner), carry him to the car seat and carry him to switch off the lights. I don't carry him when we are outside shopping etc. Usually hb is the one (only if Hao asks for carry). I don't really think carry Hao is the reason. Then what is the reason causing the back pain? Sigh. No idea. Maybe it is due to the stress from work? *Shrug* Going for a body check-up this weekend. Hope to find some clue there.

Wishing you all a great weekend!   

Monday, July 19, 2010

Read and Share Bible: Life and Miracles

This DVD , animated straight from the pages of the popular Read and Share® Bible, The Jesus Series introduces children to the life of Christ. I'm not a Christian and I have never introduced Jesus and Bible stories to my children before. So I was excited to receive this as I think it is a good introduction to them. At the same time I was worry if the kids will find it boring, as this is not like other children program e.g. Barney or Mickey Club House.

There are actually 4 short stories combined together in the half-hour presentation which tell about Jesus' ministry along the shores of Lake Galilee and the villages near Nazareth. Children will see Jesus call His disciples, feed 5,000 people, heal the sick, teach about God’s kingdom and introduce the Lord’s Supper. The stories actually have been simplified and the words used are easy to understand. The story moved along in good pace too to hold the interest from the kids. I watched it together with Lynn and Hao. Both of them paid full attention to it during the half-hour presentation and Lynn even requested want to watch it again and again.

Some people may find the stories too simplified but I found it just right for the young toddlers, especially as an entry to the Bible stories. The quality of the video is good too and I myself enjoy watching it.

In overall, I will rate this 3.5 out of 5.

Note: A complimentary copy of this DVD was provided to me for review through Thomas Nelson's Booksneeze program. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Siblings Love

Lynn did not behave well last week. So I penalized her for not getting her usual food snacks on yogurt, vitagen, biscuit, ice cream and those breakfast cereal for a week. One weekday morning, when we were getting ready to leave the house.

Lynn: Mama, can me and Didi eat this cereal? (She was holding honey star on her hand.)
Mama: No, you cannot have that. No snacks for you this week.
Lynn: I no good girl, so I cannot eat?
Mama: Yeah.
Lynn: Then can Didi eat or not? Can Didi take this to school?
Mama: Yes.

The next morning, she asked me again.

Lynn: Mama, can Didi take vitagen to school?
Mama: Yes.
Lynn: Hao come, jie jie take vitagen for you. (She opened the fridge and took one vitagen for Hao.)

I was surprise and glad that despite she is not allowed to take the snacks, she was not selfish and complained when Hao got the food.


Me, Lynn and Hao were at the kitchen after taking our food. Hao was standing on a stool with his hands stretching out to the basin and playing on those dirty and oily bowls and cups.

Me: Hao, come down please. Don't play with the bowls. Dirty.
No response from Hao.
Me: Hao, come down please.
Still no response from Hao.
Me: Hao..... can you please come down.
Hao was still playing there.
Me: Hao..... (started raising my voice)
Still no response! I’m started getting frustrated.
Me: (Shouting) Hao! Come down!
Still continue playing! Grrr.
So I walked over to him, give a pat on his buttock. He cried out loudly and finally, stepped down from the stool.

Hao: (Still crying) Jie jie..... jie jie.... (walking towards Lynn who was just standing next to me).
Hao: Jie jie... jie jie.....
He's trying to seek comfort from his sister. This is something new to me. Hahaha!

Lynn: Never mind la. See, who ask you don't want to listen to mama? Why don't listen to mama, huh?
Sounds so familiar, LOL!


It was Sunday's afternoon. Me and hb were sitting in front of the pc and both kids were with us on the same room. Lynn was doing some coloring.

Hao: Jie jie, jie jie. (Hao was trying to get Lynn to play with him.)
Lynn: Don't disturb jie jie. Jie jie wants to color.
Hao: Jie jie, jie jie.
Lynn: Don't disturb jie jie, jie jie wants to color.
Hao: Jie jie, jie jie.
Lynn: Heya, jie jie wants to color.
Hao: Jie jie, jie jie.
Lynn: Hey, can't you see jie jie is doing coloring? (Lynn started feeling annoyed.)
Hao: Jie jie, jie jie. Jie jie, jie jie.
Lynn: (Shouting) Stop calling jie jie! Jie jie wants to color!
Hao: Jie jie, jie jie. Jie jie, jie jie.
Lynn: Grrr..........
Hao: Jie jie, jie jie. Jie jie, jie jie.

Lynn still continued on her coloring. So Hao changed his target. He came to me asking to sit on my lap. Oh poor boy. Already being rejected by the sister, can't be rejected again by mama right? So I carried him to sit on my lap. :D

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