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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Xmas

Argh, only have posted 1 post this month! Well, have been gone through some tough emotional time this month. Don't worry, I'm fine. :) Just want to wish all of you,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
May year 2010 is a better year for everyone!

My family does not celebrate Christmas. But we will be going out for Japanese buffet with my parents and my brother family for lunch tomorrow. And meeting up my MIL and my BIL family on Saturday. So it will be quite a busy weekend. For those who are not celebrating Christmas, Happy Holiday!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hair cut

I need a hair cut. I remember my last hair cut is last year. One year already. Hahaha! That time, Hao was just about 4 -5 months old if I'm not mistaken. I went for a hair cut and perm it straight too. Although I made an appointment, but since I was late, I got to wait. In total I spent more than three hours there. So in between, I breastfed Hao 1-2 times. Imagine breastfeeding a baby on the hair saloon chair. Hahaha I guess probably no much people will do that. :P

I still can remember Hao was not giving much cooperation that day. Crying on and off, especially when I got to get up to get my hair washed at the basin on the other side of the saloon. Hao started to cry when he could not see me. And other people in the shop was trying to play with him to make him stop crying. Same thing happened when I got to take Lynn to the toilet. Due to the long hours there, I could not spare anymore time for the hair treatment. So I went back there the next day, alone without the kids. Just to get the hair treatment done after the perm.

Since then, I never go hair saloon anymore. Luckily I got long hair, so I don't need to trim it frequently. But next year is approaching, I would like to get my hair cut before the new year. It's one year already! Hope no complain from the hair stylist. :P But I don't think I will take 2 kids with me this time. Probably will just bring Lynn with me to have some "girls" time and I can take her for shopping after that. :)

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