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Friday, October 31, 2008

Roll over

Finally Hao able to roll over his whole body on the day he turns 4 months old! I told myself that I'm going to mark down this memorable date. I did not mark down a lots of Lynn's milestone in the past. Then I regret that I did not note down all those memorable date. All just in my mind but I have limited memory too and it will fade away when the time pass. I can vaguely remember Lynn able to roll over when she was 4 months old too. Now with this blog, I can note down the kid's milestone and achievements easily. :)

Before Hao's leg was injured, he likes to sleep lying on his tummy. Ever since his fractured leg, I did not put him lying on his tummy as the position is not so good for the leg. Recently when I tried to put him to lie on tummy, he will complain about it. Hehe however now after he can roll over, he always roll himself to sleep either side way, or fully roll over his body to sleep on his tummy.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A special gift from the God

I was not having a very easy pregnancy with this boy. Not physically not fit, but having lots of emotional ups and downs throughout the pregnancy. What make thing worse is I'm not sure why he is brought to this world. However during that time, I keep on telling him that he's a strong baby, he's mommy's strong boy. Till now, I'm still telling him the same thing.

Last night, when I was nursing him, he was looking into my eyes. So close, so clear. He's telling me that "Mama, be strong."

Going through a lots of hurdles, stress and challenges in life in the past half year. Have been crying a lots too. At times when it was so tough, I will ask myself what what kind of tests that the God is giving me, and what more to come. Now I think besides the tests, the God also gives me this wonderful boy to help me along the way.

Zhe Hao, mama loves you!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Zhe Hao first ride on car seat

Since Zhe Hao was born, he had been travelled on carrier whenever we go out by car. At first, it was easier to carry him in the carrier. Then due to his fractured femur, I think it will be better for him to continue on the carrier, as he can fully lie down his whole body on the carrier compared to car seat.

However as he grows, it was not too comfortable for him to lie in the carrier anymore. Not much room for him to stretch his body already. So I get back the old car seat where Lynn used to sit on till she's more than 1 years old, to install it in the car.

Today is Deepavali holiday, we decided to go to the bank and whole family had the lunch outside. I place Hao on the car seat. He was a good boy, did not make any noise about it. In fact, I think he will enjoy car seat more as he can now see me closer and able to view outside the car. See, he enjoy the ride so much. :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh my car

I was so bad luck. My new car was being knocked down by a lady end of last month. We were heading for lunch with the family after visiting the child care center. We were on the queue waiting to make a u-turn in Jalan Cheras. As usual, the traffic was quite heavy due to it was Saturday afternoon. I was drinking my soup inside the car while the 2 kids were taking their nap. Suddenly a "bang" and I was thrown up a bit and the soup were all over my pants and the seats. I quickly check out the baby and the girl. Luckily both were fine and continue sleeping. Not to be bothered by what had just happened.

We drove in to the furniture mall nearby to take a look at the car. Well, it was quite badly hit. The MyVi car that hit us was not that bad, just some minor scratches. I felt very "sum tong" to see my new car being smashed and become out of shape. *cry*

Due to the busy work schedule, I managed to send the car for quotation and repair 2 weeks later in mid of October. Guess how much price I get quoted to fix the car? It was more than RM2000 ! I got shocked over the price. According to the person in-charge, the bumper and the back light need to be replaced (as the part that was holding it was broken). Just the parts itself already cost slightly more than 1k. Then the workmanship for the painting etc cost anothern 1k. So in total when I pay the bil it was closed to RM2100.

I pity the lady who hit my car. She was driving her friend's car. So she has to pay her friend as well as us. And she does not earn much. She proposed to pay by 4 installments to us. Me and hubby had to trust her and agreed on that. My brother and his wife think that we were too kind.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Demand > Supply *cry*

Hao is more than 3 months old now. When I put him with the previous babysitter when he was 1.5 months old, I started him with 90ml for every 2 hours. It looks a lot for a baby taking breast milk but I found that only taking this much then can last him for 2 hours. So we have been sticking to this until recently. The new babysitter has been complaining the boy is not having enough milk. So I increased the feeding to 100ml for every 2 hours. When my mom called up Dr Koh to check how much milk should Hao been taking, I was a bit surprised to find out that she thinks 90ml every 2 hours is way too much for him. She said it should be a 3 hourly feeding. She suggested if we increase the milk to 100ml, make it 3 hours. I don't think 100ml can last the boy for 3 hours. So I continue him with the 2 hourly feeding and 100ml.

Just one week, the babysitter complained to me the boy is not having enough again. He will cry when she try to take the milk bottle from him after he has finished drinking all milk. Oh alamak, how can be not enough? And I think increase the milk again is not a good idea. Due to the working late nights, my supply had been greatly affected. Even though stay in the office much longer hours, however I couldn't find any extra time to express one more time. So the supply has become lower. During the weekends when I breastfeed him directly, I noticed that his feeding time had been increasing, and still having both eyes widely open after the feeding. Which means that very likely he's not full enough and I have no more for him! This is so stressful that besides feeling stress about work, every time when I will calculate that whether it is enough for the day or not. For almost the whole week, the expressed milk is one feeding less than the expressed milk I pass to the babysitter in the morning. Argh this is real bad. I have no choice but to increase the dosage of the domperidone. Hopefully this will help.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Going to child care center

We send Lynn to a child care center nearby the work place area instead of going to the same new babysitter with Hao. This child care center is recommended by my mom's friend who had sent her son into this same child care previously.

On the way to the child care, I told her that Lynn will be going to school from now onwards. As usual, we just dropped her at the child care and then off to work. I waved to her before I left. Later in the evening, my parents will go pick her up as we will be still at work.

Lynn was well behaved at the child care. She followed the order of the teachers, will go to the potty herself, and she did not cry for mama and papa! Even though she is only 2 years old, some how I can feel that she understand what is going on. She's always my good girl. I hope she will become happier in the child care, with more games, activities and kids there.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stress, stress, stress

Recently I'm having so much stress. Stress from work and stress from home. I had lost 3-4kg within 1.5 months since I went back to work about 2 months back.

At work, we all are working without days and nights to get things done before the dateline. Some of us even had to come back to work one full day on Saturday for the past one month. I'm glad that I still can enjoy rest day on Saturday. However we do work until very late, around 10pm. On one Friday, we even worked until 3am in the morning! Well, the dateline had past however the boss is not very happy with the results. We need to put in more effort to get it done. So there will be more late nights next week. Being a team leader I even need to face more stress from the boss as well as the top management team.

As for the kids, due to the unavailability of the previous babysitter, despite the busy work schedule I had to squeeze some time to look for a new babysitter for them. It was not easy at all due to the fact that both me and hubby are working late. So we need someone to take care them at least until around 9pm. It was so difficult to get someone who is willing to take care kids till so late. Most people requested to pick up the kids around 7pm.

Finally I manage to find someone who is willing to take care the kids, with some extra charges. The market price here for one child is RM600. I top up additional RM100 for late pick up. This lady is staying near my parents house, not somewhere near my living area. However I don't have much choice as I could not get any babysitter nearby my area to take care the kids. (There was another lady staying near the work place area, charging additional RM150 for late pick up. And later another Rm100 for the porridge when Hao turns 6 months old later. Moreover she is intending to take care more than one kid at the same time. I think this is over charging.) As for Lynn, she will be going to the child care. I will write another post on this.

Stress at work and the worries about the new arrangement of the kids leave some impact to the milk supply. Some of the days the supply will be low that could not meet the daily demand of the boy. So this add another stress to me. I do have some extra milk storage in the freezer, but I do worry about not producing enough for the boy during the days will decrease the supply over a period of time which cause me could not fully breastfeeding him very soon. Sometimes during the weekend, especially on Sunday towards the end of the day, I can feel that the supply had gone low and Hao is not having enough. I had no choice but to continue taking the domperidone in order to maintain the milk supply. Next week I need to increase Hao's serving per feed and this definitely will add more stress on my body in order to produce more milk for him.

Finally it's fixed

After few phone calling and complains, finally the technician came on Saturday morning to fix the phone and the internet connection. The problem was not from home. So he had to drive to other place to check. In total, he took about half an hour to get the problem fixed. I wonder why they had to take so many days to come. I hope after this, no more phone problem after heavy rain. Later in the afternoon, the customer service from Telekom called to check if everything was OK so that he can closed the case. I feel regretted for not asking any rebate from them since it had been more than 2 weeks the phone line was down and more than 1 week without internet connection. :(

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fractured femur - Update

Last Fri (10 Oct 2008), I brought Hao back to HUKM for the follow up appointment on his fractured femur. As well, long wait was expected in the government hospital. So I had applied for a half day off earlier of the week. However the charges is cheap - RM 15 for the x-ray and RM 5 for the doctor consultation fee. One thing I like about HUKM is they will make sure the patient is safe to go before stopping any follow up appointment. And if they suspect anything, they will make sure respective tests have been carried out. So I'm still sending the kids to HUKM despite the long queue (in fact, have get used to it already. :D).

It was my first visit to the Orthopetic clinic. Hao had been transferred to the Ortho doctor from the Paed. He had to take x-ray before seeing the doctor. It was quite a long queue. We had waited for about an hour before the x-ray was taken. Hao was quite coorperative taking the x-ray. He even smile to the radiologist.

The x-ray shown that his fractured femur bone now is connecting. However you still could see the trace of the broken part. I'm glad his leg is healing. Baby really has super healing power. In fact, about 2 weeks ago, I had noticed Hao started to move and kick using his right leg. So he was already showing the healing sign by then. Well, the next follow up appointment by the Ortho doctor is 3 months later in January 2009. Hao will be 6 months old by then.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What kind of service is this?

In the past almost 3 weeks, my house phone was not working properly. My mom was complaining whenever she called the house phone, it was engaged. When I pick up the phone, there was no dialing tone. Well, this happen before especially during raining days. Usually after 1 or 2 days the phone line will back to normal. However this time, it seems like after 2 weeks the phone line is still not working properly. There is no problem on the internet access, so I did not realize the phone line is having some problem until my mom was complaining about it (I seldom make phone call at home).

So on 2 days before the Hari Raya break, I called to lodge the house phone problem. They said it will be fixed in 24 hours. The next day the home phone was fixed. However the streamyx was down. Me and hubby was so upset. Hubby later called up the streamyx help line to lodge the complain. They said will be fixed in 2 working days. However the next day was the Hari Raya holiday.

So the 2 rest days at home was without internet access. I had nothing much to do so I took the opportunity to sleep a lot (replacing the insufficient sleeping hours for the previous 2 days before the holidays due to working late till midnight in the office). And also take my own sweet time to clean the floor of the entire house.

Soon after the Hari raya holidays - Guess what? The home phone line was down again! Now both home phone and internet access are not available. What kind of service is this? I'm so upset and disappointed with the service provider.

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