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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Gong Xi Fa Cai by Lynn

This is done by Lynn. A surprise to me that it was very nicely done and neat. :)

After a long wait for 12 years, finally 2 more days, here comes the Moo Moo year. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone -

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

May the year of Ox brings you good health, more joy and happiness!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Magical moments in life - Part 1

1st Magical moment in my life - Pregnancy

Those mommy out there, who had gone through pregnancy process themselves, will understand what I'm saying.

Getting to know that you are pregnant with a new life inside your stomach, indeed was a very happy moment and exciting, with the exception for those who do not wish to have baby at that time, could be not prepared, not ready yet or not yet married.

When I was young, I always wondering how the pregnancy like. I could not imagine it as I had never experience it before. However since I like kids, I always looking forward to have my own child one day when I grow up and get married.

I was always hoping to have a baby before age 30. I got married at the age 29. Not too long after married, I got pregnant. As it was my first pregnancy, in addition I had been looking forward to it since I was young. So I was very very exciting. I

I read a lots of about pregnancy, child birth and babies. To me, it was amazing at how a new life can grow inside my stomach. Every pregnancy is unique and no one else can share the same experience as you do. Even though the baby belongs to both me and hubby, but he could not feel what I was feeling. He could not feel the movement of the baby moving inside your stomach, kicking you, having hiccups, somersaults, etc. It was these moments that I feel so close to the baby, as he was part of my body. Yes, not excluding all the discomfort in the body. However It was just temporary. The moments of joy had replaced all the discomforts. I could not stop talking to my baby, singing to him, playing with him, telling him to be good. The bond between us were so strong. And when I see my stomach was getting bigger and bigger day by day, getting heavier and heavier month by month, mean the day to meet the baby was getting closer and closer. Until today, I'm amazed at how the human body work in creating and supporting the new life in our body.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Change is in the air

Sorry for the long silence. Had been real busy after the new year started, especially in work. Early of the month there was change in the company. When I looked back, there was a major change every year, since year 2005: -

2005 - First VP rotation
It was the first time, the COO (Chief Operating Officer) introduced VP rotation. VPs from different division, are being swapped to take over another division, best suit their strength and expertise. However, the VP for my division had not been swapped. I guess at that time, no other VP were able to take over as the head of my division yet. (I was in the Business processes division. My company is doing software development, and my division was in charge of the business requirement, design and testing.)

2006 - Second VP rotation
This time, we had a new VP being swapped to take over my division and at the same time I was promoted to DVP. The new VP was a lady (previously we had a male VP). She was friendly, but her style was totally different from the previous VP style. I took quite some time and with some adjustment, to get used to her style and helped to oversee the whole division.

2007 - Third VP rotation
In the 3rd VP rotation, the lady VP had been rotated to other division. And I become the Acting VP for the division. Well, you can say it's a promotion to me, but only to the title and increased responsibility and workload. In term of money wise, no change. :(

2008 - New COO
The existing COO had been promoted to President earlier. So instead of playing multiple role in the company, they had promoted the project manager at that time to be the new COO. She was a capable person and being well accepted by everyone in the office. Again, new management, new style.

During the year, there was a restructure to all divisions. We separated into teams instead of division and we were no longer using title VP, just called team leader. My team is now called Application development. No more QA division also. Each team has to build in internal QA process to maintain the quality of the work. New blood added to the management team, as well as departure of old comrades. And instead of leading the whole team by myself, now I have a 'partner' as there were 2 team leaders in the team. We segregate our area - he will be more focus on the content details, while I'm more on the managing and coordinating side. He's friendly and easy going. But still it's a learning process for me to work together with him, to achieve the best results.

2009 - President taken over back the role of COO
Early of the month, CEO announced to the management team, that the President will take over back the operations. While the old COO will focus on the marketing side. Not a too big change for me, as I had been working with him since when i first join the management team in 2007. He is a very knowledgeable person. He reads a lot. Majority of us like to approach him when we cant solve the issue. I'm actually happy to work with him again.

As I'm working in an IT company. The company is fast moving and thus change is common here. We always have to adopt ourselves to changes very quickly and be responsive. So we have to always be prepared. Yes, this is challenging job. And stressful too. :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hao @ 6th months

Brought Hao for his monthly check-up on Thursday. Wow, the clinic was fully pack with crowd. I was at the queue number 70! Double the number that I normally take. The check-up for the babies is on every Thursday. So happen the past 2 Thursday was holiday (Christmas day and New Year day), so that's why it was so crowded.

No jap for 6th month check-up. Just normal routine of weight, height measure and checking on his growth. Well, out of my expectation, Hao did not put on much weight for the past 1 month. When I carry him, I can feel he's heavier now. So I thought he should have put on quite a bit of weight. Surprisingly he has only gained 200g last month. Other than that, he was more active nowadays during day time. Sleep less when he is with us (the babysitter said he's still sleeping quite a lot there), does not like to lie down that much, will ask to be picked up, not each time after poo-poo he will cry (we even found on few occasion, he poo-poo in the middle of the night and sleep through the night. So his buttock become red red the next morning). We try not to put on the booties/socks for him, but his foot is feeling cold. So we has no choice. He's trying to crawl, but not successfully moving forward, instead moving backwards most of the time. He will move around by rolling, flipping, turning left right to go to another place. When we put him standing on our lap, he will be jumping up and down happily with smiling face. Whenever he saw something put in front of him, he will grab it and put into his mouth. He is still having his milk 2 hourly, 4 1/2 oz per feed. His last feeding time is around 10pm and his first feed (for the past 1 month) is about 7am. Occasionally he will wake up in the middle of the night to ask for milk. He has developed a habit of want to have milk before he sleep when I'm around. In babysitter's house, he will ask for the sarong instead. Overall, he's getting more and more active, and making lots of noise nowadays. :)

  • Weight: 7.7kg
  • Height: 69cm

Friday, January 9, 2009

Is this normal?

Remember I mentioned before that hubby gave Lynn a nickname Gold fish? Well, she really gave me a shock that day.

One day we ordered pizza for dinner. With the existence of the Internet, we were able to make the order online, pay it using the credit card and the food will be delivered to our home without us having need to step our foot out of the house, drive all the way to the restaurant for it. We ordered a large size pizza. So as normal, it was being cut to 8 pieces. I prepared 2 pieces for each of me and hubby, and 1 piece for the gal. Hubby started to eat after I have finished eating. Then I went to take the water. After I returned, hubby was just started eating.

Hubby: How many pieces for each person? No more pizza already?

Me: 2 for each of us, 1 for the gal.

Hubby: This is my first piece. *point at the empty plate*

Me: Huh? This is your first piece? Cannot be... I took 5 pieces from the pizza box just now.

Then I look at the gal. Apparently she was having the second piece of the large-size pizza! *faint* How can one small stomach, can fit 2 large-size pizza??? She was eating adult serving size! Oh my goodness. And look at her tummy, big and round and bloated.

Me: Lynn, see your tummy, big big. *point at her stomach*

Lynn: *look at her own tummy* tummy big big.

Me: How can you eat so much? You are having same serving size as mama.

Me: Tummy big big, no mei mei (pretty) wor. Lynn wants mei mei or not?

Lynn: *nod her head* Lynn wants mei mei.

Me: Wants mei mei then don't eat until tummy big big.

I figured that she is not hungry, she just like to eat. Whenever she saw there is any food on the table, she will ask for it. Any time of the day, regardless whether she just finished her food or not. Oh what should I do? Sigh, when the kid is not eating, we get worried. Now she's over eating, we get worried also. Really not easy to be a parent.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hope it's a good start

The birth of Hao

The birth of a baby marks the beginning of a new life. This was taken in the hospital on the day Hao was born.

A new year has begun. When I was a child, I was always feeling like a fresh new start for the beginning of a new year. However when I was getting older, the "fresh new start" feeling began to diminish. Why? It's something like a new year make no much different already. Still need to go to school/work as before. No change. Still carry same or maybe more responsibilities. Basically it's like life is still on kind of thing. Will just think how come time flies so fast. When looked back what I have done for the past 1 year, I will start asking myself - is it a fruitful year? Or is it a bad year? Am I getting a better person? What I have learnt? And now with the kids, additional thoughts in mind will be like Oh the kids are getting older by 1 year. Which area I should pay more attention now for their growth? How should I teach them etc.

Looking year 2008 - it's a year full of events and many emotional ups and downs. A CNY that was full of sad memory; an unforgettable pregnancy, feeling lost, hopeless and helpless; birth delivery and confinement month that was full of both pain, both physically and mentally; rocky mood and emotion; changes in work; relocation of the office; car being hit without getting compensation; self changes and learning the new me; lots of changes and adjustments in life. Yes a bad year to me. A year that was full of learning process. Yes I learnt and become a better person.  When I was real down, I kept on telling myself that there must be some reasons that the God wanted me to go through all these challenges (even though I'm not a Christian). And God has given Hao to me. I believe everything has its cause and reasons. Hao means a lot to me. And I survived at the end. Well, I actually like the ending. Some part of my life actually become better. So it's not that bad after all. However it's very expensive price to pay for. And it was a very long process and time, about 9 months I think. It's like another pregnancy. I'm glad that things are alright now. Life is better. I'm a happier person now. A very good lesson learn and experience to me.

Towards the last working day, receiving some good news from work mate, which have enlighten the rest of my day. Improved job satisfaction; the kids are getting better - found some tactics how to tackle the jealous and demanding toddler (well still learning for more tactics); better quality time spent with hubby; more positive environment at home... I think this is a good start for the new year. Hope the cloudy days have gone and sunshine is always with us. Cheers!

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