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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Change is in the air

Sorry for the long silence. Had been real busy after the new year started, especially in work. Early of the month there was change in the company. When I looked back, there was a major change every year, since year 2005: -

2005 - First VP rotation
It was the first time, the COO (Chief Operating Officer) introduced VP rotation. VPs from different division, are being swapped to take over another division, best suit their strength and expertise. However, the VP for my division had not been swapped. I guess at that time, no other VP were able to take over as the head of my division yet. (I was in the Business processes division. My company is doing software development, and my division was in charge of the business requirement, design and testing.)

2006 - Second VP rotation
This time, we had a new VP being swapped to take over my division and at the same time I was promoted to DVP. The new VP was a lady (previously we had a male VP). She was friendly, but her style was totally different from the previous VP style. I took quite some time and with some adjustment, to get used to her style and helped to oversee the whole division.

2007 - Third VP rotation
In the 3rd VP rotation, the lady VP had been rotated to other division. And I become the Acting VP for the division. Well, you can say it's a promotion to me, but only to the title and increased responsibility and workload. In term of money wise, no change. :(

2008 - New COO
The existing COO had been promoted to President earlier. So instead of playing multiple role in the company, they had promoted the project manager at that time to be the new COO. She was a capable person and being well accepted by everyone in the office. Again, new management, new style.

During the year, there was a restructure to all divisions. We separated into teams instead of division and we were no longer using title VP, just called team leader. My team is now called Application development. No more QA division also. Each team has to build in internal QA process to maintain the quality of the work. New blood added to the management team, as well as departure of old comrades. And instead of leading the whole team by myself, now I have a 'partner' as there were 2 team leaders in the team. We segregate our area - he will be more focus on the content details, while I'm more on the managing and coordinating side. He's friendly and easy going. But still it's a learning process for me to work together with him, to achieve the best results.

2009 - President taken over back the role of COO
Early of the month, CEO announced to the management team, that the President will take over back the operations. While the old COO will focus on the marketing side. Not a too big change for me, as I had been working with him since when i first join the management team in 2007. He is a very knowledgeable person. He reads a lot. Majority of us like to approach him when we cant solve the issue. I'm actually happy to work with him again.

As I'm working in an IT company. The company is fast moving and thus change is common here. We always have to adopt ourselves to changes very quickly and be responsive. So we have to always be prepared. Yes, this is challenging job. And stressful too. :)

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Daddy said...

Hello. It's common to see changes in the corporate world. Wishing you all the best in 2009 and may it be a year of great success, happiness and achievements. Used to be in IT. Software development too. Stressful. Glad to be out of it now though the job have taught me much.

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