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Saturday, January 26, 2008


Last night, I had a dream. I dreamt about the baby boy that I'm going to have. I saw a face with combination from both me and hubby, but more resemble towards the daddy. He also got a big mouth, and long legs, just like his daddy.

When I was carrying Lynn, I dreamt about her too. In total of 3 times. I can't remember her face too well. However one very obvious thing is in all 3 dreams, she got thick and long hair. When lynn was born, she did have thick and long hair. I even feel sad to shave the beautiful hair during her full moon, so at the end she never has her hair shaved.

I'm looking forward for more dreams about my little boy. I believed this is one of the way that he's trying to communicate with the mommy.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Going home? Not going home?

"Come girl, let's go home."
"Bu yao!"

Recently, lynn refuse to go home when we pick her up from the babysitter. Time were spent to persuade her to go home with us, but she will just want to be carried by the babysitter and refuse to get into the car with us. So we gave up and let her stay overnight with the babysitter. However she refuses to let us go home too! When we want to leave, she will start making noise, disallowing us to go. Sigh... don't know what's in her mind.

According to babysitter, it is common for toddler at her age now refuse to go home (it happened to few other children that she has taken care previously). However lynn is the only one that disallow the father and mother to go home as well. Sometimes we managed to persuade her to get into the car with us, and sometimes not.

Then in the morning, when we reach babysitter's house, lynn refuse to get down from the car. We have to tell her that we are going to work and she cannot follow us. And persuade her to get down from the car.

One night when I accompany her to sleep, I told her that -

"In the morning, papa mama has to go to work. So lynn has to follow Ah Ma (grandma in Hokkien). After work in the evening, papa mama will come and take you back home. So you have to come home with us when we come to take you. Papa mama has to come home to sleep. Papa mama cannot sleep in Ah Ma's house."

This method seems work. The next day when we went to pick her up, she still refused to go home with us at the beginning. But when we started saying that we has to go home to sleep, she came down from the sofa, putting on her shoe and got into the car with us. We took much less time to persuade her to go home.

"Bu yao" !

"Lynn, come over to change your diaper."
"Bu yao! "
"Lynn, please put back your toys."
"Bu yao! "
"Lynn, do you want to take your 'nen nen' (milk)?"
"Bu yao! "

Recently, "Bu yao" becomes lynn's favourite word. Most of the time, she will replied ""Bu yao! " to our requests and questions, including her favourite 'nen nen'.
So how do I tackle her then? Most the time, I will just go away. And she will come after me and do as per what I have requested.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Boy or Girl?

Some people already start asking whether am I going to have a boy or girl. Last Monday after we come back from Genting Highland, I asked my little lynn whether inside mommy's stomach is 'Di di' (means younger brother) or 'Mei mei' (means younger sister) and she told me is 'Di di'. For me, I think it's a boy as I notice the shape of the stomach is slightly different from the first pregnancy when I was carryinng Lynn. Some people said by looking at the shape of the stomach can tell whether you are having boy or girl. I'm not very good at that by looking at the other pregnant lady, but I think I still can differentiate mine.

So the next day evening, I went for the routine check-up with hubby. On the way going to the clinic, I asked hubby whether want to know the sex of the baby or not. I was already in 15 weeks, so can know the sex of the baby already. Hubby said yes. So I asked the baby, whether he/she wants to tell daddy and mommy whether it's a boy boy or girl girl or not.

We waited patiently at the clinic for my turn. About half an hour later, it was my turn. Doctor first scanned the baby's head, body and then he asked if we wanted to know the baby sex. And then the next scan was showing baby's 2 thighs, and very clearly tell the sex of the baby already. "Oh, it's a boy!" hubby shouted happily. And Lynn, you are right! You are going to have a 'Di di' soon in the mid of the year!

Now I got to start thinking for his name. Last time it took me quite a while a get a name for Lynn. So this time I'm going to start the thinking process early. Hubby is so excited that the next day, he spread the news to almost everyone in the office.

Our little helper

Recently we have a new little helper. Well, who else? Must be Lynn. :)

In the past, when we do the housework. She will follow behind us and watch what we are doing. However now she no longer just watching, she wants to help out as well! See she was helping hubby to vacuum the floor!

Whatever we do, she just want to do it too! I know she just want to 'play'. But children learn through playing. So we never stop her from helping out, even though it will take much longer time to complete the work.

I guess I don't have to worry that in the future, she will refuse to help sharing the housework. :)

Trip to Genting Highland - Day 2

I woke up very early in the morning, at 7.30am. I have forgotten to off the Alarm as today I'm off for work. Anyhow, I cant go back to sleep. So i woke up, take my time to clean up myself, took a hot bath. Just I have finished getting myself ready, about 8am, Lynn woke up. Just the right timing.

The bathtub of the hotel room is faulty. After taking a nice hot bath, I cant get the water to drain off. What a stupid bath tub. No matter how hard we tried, it just not working. So I had no choice but to bath Lynn at my parent's unit. Luckily it was just the next unit.

We took a walk at the Awana resorts surroundings before we went back to the room to had our simple breakfast. Then we headed to the Awana Skyway station. Dad wanted to take the skyway to Genting. Poor lynn, as we didn't bring along the stroller (hubby think it will not be easy to move around with the stroller), she was tired and sleepy and yet she wanted to enjoy every moment. Well, you can imagine how a sleepy child will react. We all take turn to carry her, calm her down when she made fuss.

Finally we reached Genting at close to 12pm. So it's time for lunch. We went to the Star Box to had a lunch karaoke. Lynn continue to make fuss, but then after she got tired, she finally took a nap on the sofa.

After lunch, we went to the Indoor Theme Park. We bought an unlimited ride adult ticket and an unlimited ride children ticket for hubby and lynn. This was the first time she went to the Theme park and her very first ride was the Carousel.

She did feel scare at the beginning for the first few rides, but then after a while, she's ok with it and started to ask for more! So for the rest of the rides, she took twice for each ride. Luckily for each ride she just asked for one more. Well, I missed the fun with her this time. As I'm pregnant, I don't really feel like taking any ride, so I didn't buy any ticket for myself. So hubby accompanied her all the way. And hubby told me she was asking where is mommy. I feel bad hearing this. I should have shared her fun and joy together with hubby.

After finishing all the rides, it was already late evening. And it was raining outside. So we decided to had our dinner there before coming back to KL. We reached home at about 8pm (hubby took a wrong turn after the toll, so we took a longer time to reach home). I quickly unpack all the thing and get Lynn to bed. She was actually already sleeping in the car on the way home, after a tired afternoon at the Theme Park.

Trip to Genting Highland - Day 1

We went to Genting Highland, with my parents and my bro family last weekend. We went there on Sunday (after lynn's class is over) and stayed for a night at the Awana resort. So we got to take a day off from work on Monday.

It was a planned holiday. Thanks to my sis-in-law who managed to get the accomodation for free for all of us. She booked 2 rooms, each room has 2 double bed on it. So just enough to fit 8 of us (6 adults, 1 toddler and 1 baby).

We had our dinner for the first night at The Olive Restaurant, in the Genting hotel. It was a high class western restaura
nt. And of course the price is also 'high class' rate. :) I ordered the grilled salmon, hubby and sis-in-law ordered the duck, dad had beef, bro had the wagyu beef and mom had the lamb. When the food was served, we just realized it was not duck meet, but duck liver. But it was very tasty. The beef and the lamb was juicy also. On the other hand, the salmon that I had was nothing special. We ordered some dessert too. And the dessert was real good and tasty.
After the dinner, it was rather late already. We went back to the hotel to rest. Lynn was so happy. She knew it was not at home, meaning another day with all of us. She jumped, skipped, and dance at the hotel room, before I managed to get her to sleep.

My pregnancy journal

This is my second pregnancy. When I was having my first pregnancy, I was always reading other people's pregnancy journal. However I never intend to start any for myself. Now when I'm having second pregnancy, I realized some of the things I have forgotten whether do I get it on the first pregnancy or not, or when I should expecting the same etc. So I decided to write a pregnancy journal for myself this time.

The second pregnancy is coming earlier than expected. Me and hubby did talk about want to have 2nd child, however just when we wanted to start planning on it, the baby comes. :p At first I was wondering why the monthly period didn't come. I even go to the gynae to get medicine for the period to come (the doc did a pregnancy test before giving me the medicine. The results was negative). However after finish taking the medicine, still not come yet. So I went to see the gynae again. And this time the pregnancy test returns positive.

It was really a surprise to me. But at least I'm not having any tumor or whatever that cause the period didn't come. :) And before that, I have eaten lots of watermelon, those 'cool' stuff that people said should not take during the beginning of the pregnancy. Thanks god, everything is alright. And I passed the first trimester safely.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Flower girl Lynn

Lynn's babysitter's daughter was getting married end of last year. Lynn was chosen to be one of the flower girl on that day. Isn't she looks pretty? And she was so happy wearing such a beautiful dress.

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