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Friday, January 25, 2008

Going home? Not going home?

"Come girl, let's go home."
"Bu yao!"

Recently, lynn refuse to go home when we pick her up from the babysitter. Time were spent to persuade her to go home with us, but she will just want to be carried by the babysitter and refuse to get into the car with us. So we gave up and let her stay overnight with the babysitter. However she refuses to let us go home too! When we want to leave, she will start making noise, disallowing us to go. Sigh... don't know what's in her mind.

According to babysitter, it is common for toddler at her age now refuse to go home (it happened to few other children that she has taken care previously). However lynn is the only one that disallow the father and mother to go home as well. Sometimes we managed to persuade her to get into the car with us, and sometimes not.

Then in the morning, when we reach babysitter's house, lynn refuse to get down from the car. We have to tell her that we are going to work and she cannot follow us. And persuade her to get down from the car.

One night when I accompany her to sleep, I told her that -

"In the morning, papa mama has to go to work. So lynn has to follow Ah Ma (grandma in Hokkien). After work in the evening, papa mama will come and take you back home. So you have to come home with us when we come to take you. Papa mama has to come home to sleep. Papa mama cannot sleep in Ah Ma's house."

This method seems work. The next day when we went to pick her up, she still refused to go home with us at the beginning. But when we started saying that we has to go home to sleep, she came down from the sofa, putting on her shoe and got into the car with us. We took much less time to persuade her to go home.

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