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Monday, January 21, 2008

Trip to Genting Highland - Day 1

We went to Genting Highland, with my parents and my bro family last weekend. We went there on Sunday (after lynn's class is over) and stayed for a night at the Awana resort. So we got to take a day off from work on Monday.

It was a planned holiday. Thanks to my sis-in-law who managed to get the accomodation for free for all of us. She booked 2 rooms, each room has 2 double bed on it. So just enough to fit 8 of us (6 adults, 1 toddler and 1 baby).

We had our dinner for the first night at The Olive Restaurant, in the Genting hotel. It was a high class western restaura
nt. And of course the price is also 'high class' rate. :) I ordered the grilled salmon, hubby and sis-in-law ordered the duck, dad had beef, bro had the wagyu beef and mom had the lamb. When the food was served, we just realized it was not duck meet, but duck liver. But it was very tasty. The beef and the lamb was juicy also. On the other hand, the salmon that I had was nothing special. We ordered some dessert too. And the dessert was real good and tasty.
After the dinner, it was rather late already. We went back to the hotel to rest. Lynn was so happy. She knew it was not at home, meaning another day with all of us. She jumped, skipped, and dance at the hotel room, before I managed to get her to sleep.

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