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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Having fun time at the playground

I brought Lynn to the playground nearby my house in the evening before her dinner time. She was one of the children to reach there early. Very soon, we saw other children some join the fun and activities in the playground.

There are slides, swing and see-saw in the playground. Before she even reach the slides, she's already murmuring "wan, wan" (want to play) and pointing towards the slides. You can imagine a reaction of a small little girl that can't wait to have some fun time.

Now Lynn is taller than the last time she played the slides. So definitely she enjoy it more. After the slides, we went to play the see-saw. While sitting on the see-saw, she keep on looking at other children playing the swing. And say "yao, yao, yao" (swing). So after she has enough fun on the see-saw, I brought her to the swing. She didn't really know how to sit on the swing yet, but she is trying. After the swing, she went back to play the slides, then the see-saw, then the swing, and this was repeated again and again. I noticed other children are doing the same thing too - never engaged in one game for long. They keep on changing as well. So everyone take turns to play different games at the same time.

Unfortunately I didn't bring the camera along with me. Else I can capture the moment Lynn is having fun time. She enjoys herself so much and keeps on smiling at me. I feel very happy too seeing her so happy. We spent about half an hour in the playground before we went home. Lynn actually still does not really want to leave yet. However her diaper is full and need to be changed. I told her that we can come again the next day.

Pregnancy check up - 5th month

Went to check up on the 12th for the 5th months check up. Yes, it's going to be 20 weeks next week! Just another half way to go. :)

As usual, the baby is active during the ultrasound scanning. He even kick me during the ultrasound scanning. He is 326 grams now. Still in the normal weight range. My gynae passed me the blood test results which I did during last pregnancy check up. The results show low rating on red blood cell, indicating me having anaemia. Luckily it is not very serious so taking normal vitamins is just fine. I asked for prescription for sleep as I have real problem going to bed recently. However the gynae refused to give me any medication it, saying the medicine will harm the growth of the baby's brain. Asked me to relax more and just take more rest. Well, I wish to but sometimes thing does not happen as I would like to be.

And beginning 2 days ago, I feel pain on my leg when walking. Seems like the baby is pressing at one of the nerve, causing the area near pelvic bone there painful when I walk. So I couldn't walk properly. You can seem me limping when I walk. Baby oh baby, please be good boy and let mommy feel more comfortable.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Have you heard of InnerTalk® ? My friend recommend it to me, after knowing that I am pregnant. She bought few CD for her daughter.

InnerTalk® audio programs feature pleasant, easy-listening music or nature sounds that are specially mixed with positive background affirmations on the chosen self-help topic. They are played in the background on any regular stereo cassette player while the user is working, driving, relaxing, reading, playing sports, even sleeping or watching TV. They can also be used with a personal tape player while jogging, bike riding or any other activity. No conscious thought or effort is required to produce dramatic -- and automatic -- results. They're based on new scientific discoveries about how we learn and process information -- and how this affects our everyday life. They tap into our natural human ability to absorb information even when we're not thinking about it. On the surface, the tapes sound like any other easy-listening music or nature tapes you may have heard... but there is a powerful difference. Carefully blended in the background are dynamic affirmations such as "I feel good", "I am successful", etc., that make long-lasting, positive impressions. While the conscious mind enjoys the pleasant music or nature sounds, the subconscious mind recognizes and receives the powerful, life-changing affirmations. Results can often be noticed in as little as a few days to a few weeks. InnerTalk® technology is so powerful it's patented with the U.S. Government, backed by independent studies at leading universities, and proven effective by the 100s of thousands of satisfied users around the world.

How do InnerTalk® CD actually work? The InnerTalk® mind technology is unique in that it appeals to both hemispheres of the brain, according to their function, to achieve "whole brain" stimulation. For example, it is believed that the left brain views language literally and according to the rules of language while the right brain views language spatially and emotionally, tumbling the words in a process called subconscious cerebration and even seeing the words as our eyes see the world » upside down. The brain halves work together to understand language both spatially and literally. The InnerTalk® technology has been specifically designed to involve both the left and right brain according to their unique specialties using an entirely new and patented electronic encoding process.

Isn't it amazing? There are more than 400 titles for your selection, from Success and Wealth, Learning, Children, Parenting and Pregnancy, Habits, Relationships etc. You can visit their homepage at

Morning sickness

Compared to the first pregnancy, the morning sickness that I have in this second pregnancy is almost similar, except the appetite is different. Usually people said different sex (first one is gal, and this one is a boy) usually has different symptoms. Anyway, this is not the issue to me. Now I'm approaching 5 months of the pregnancy, I'm still having some of the morning sickness!

When I was carrying lynn, the morning sickness kicked in around Week 7 went away approaching 4 months. And this time, the morning sickness kicked in a bit later around Week 8-9 (that time I thought I won't be having morning sickness but it seems like it was too early for me to feel happy) and till now, I still experience some of it.

The other thing is I have sleeping difficulty this time too. If I wake up in the middle of the night e.g. to go to the toilet, I will have difficulty continue sleeping after that. Or I will wake up very early, let say 5am, 6am and then I have to get up because I can't sleep already. However this has been improving lately. Yesterday I met up with another friend, who is also expecting. She is also having the same sleeping difficulty problem as me. However when you see the new life is born, all these uncomfortableness is nothing at all.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Strong and healthy pregnancy

Lately, many people in the office fall sick. Flu, cough, sore throat and even fever are the common illness. Lynn was having flu last weekend too. Luckily it was just a mild flu and she recovered very fast within few days. This is the beauty of fully breasyfed child - stronger body. My dearest hubby is sick too. At first he was having flu, then cough. He has been absent from work on last Mon - Wed. And now the pleghm in the lung made the things get worse on last Saturday and now he even got fever last night. So these 2 days he has been resting at home too. I was so worry about him. Hope he will recover as soon as possible.

Despite all the viruses surrounding me, I'm still strong and healthy! (touch wood!!!) When I was expecting Lynn, whenever someone in the office fall sick, especially flu, sure I will get it later. I was so frustrating with the frequent flu and sore throat. And have to visit the gynae for medication. So what make me stronger and healthier now? The only different that I have done for this pregnancy compared to last pregnancy is I'm taking the supplement not given by the doctor. Since early of last year, far before I conceived, I have started taking supplement from a trusted brand. So despite people surrounding me falling sick, despite have to work extra hours 3 times in a week for more than a month, I still feel good. Well, occasinally I did feel tired, but this is normal. After taking some rest, I'm back to normal again. And compared to last pregnancy, I'm taking much less MC now! I have tried just take the supplement given by gynae and skipped the other supplement. Just only 2 days, I started feel very tired and had very bad back pain. Back pain is a sign to me that my body is tired and I need rest. So I quickly resume my normal supplement intake. And I feel normal again!

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