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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pregnancy check up - 5th month

Went to check up on the 12th for the 5th months check up. Yes, it's going to be 20 weeks next week! Just another half way to go. :)

As usual, the baby is active during the ultrasound scanning. He even kick me during the ultrasound scanning. He is 326 grams now. Still in the normal weight range. My gynae passed me the blood test results which I did during last pregnancy check up. The results show low rating on red blood cell, indicating me having anaemia. Luckily it is not very serious so taking normal vitamins is just fine. I asked for prescription for sleep as I have real problem going to bed recently. However the gynae refused to give me any medication it, saying the medicine will harm the growth of the baby's brain. Asked me to relax more and just take more rest. Well, I wish to but sometimes thing does not happen as I would like to be.

And beginning 2 days ago, I feel pain on my leg when walking. Seems like the baby is pressing at one of the nerve, causing the area near pelvic bone there painful when I walk. So I couldn't walk properly. You can seem me limping when I walk. Baby oh baby, please be good boy and let mommy feel more comfortable.

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