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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hope it's a good start

The birth of Hao

The birth of a baby marks the beginning of a new life. This was taken in the hospital on the day Hao was born.

A new year has begun. When I was a child, I was always feeling like a fresh new start for the beginning of a new year. However when I was getting older, the "fresh new start" feeling began to diminish. Why? It's something like a new year make no much different already. Still need to go to school/work as before. No change. Still carry same or maybe more responsibilities. Basically it's like life is still on kind of thing. Will just think how come time flies so fast. When looked back what I have done for the past 1 year, I will start asking myself - is it a fruitful year? Or is it a bad year? Am I getting a better person? What I have learnt? And now with the kids, additional thoughts in mind will be like Oh the kids are getting older by 1 year. Which area I should pay more attention now for their growth? How should I teach them etc.

Looking year 2008 - it's a year full of events and many emotional ups and downs. A CNY that was full of sad memory; an unforgettable pregnancy, feeling lost, hopeless and helpless; birth delivery and confinement month that was full of both pain, both physically and mentally; rocky mood and emotion; changes in work; relocation of the office; car being hit without getting compensation; self changes and learning the new me; lots of changes and adjustments in life. Yes a bad year to me. A year that was full of learning process. Yes I learnt and become a better person.  When I was real down, I kept on telling myself that there must be some reasons that the God wanted me to go through all these challenges (even though I'm not a Christian). And God has given Hao to me. I believe everything has its cause and reasons. Hao means a lot to me. And I survived at the end. Well, I actually like the ending. Some part of my life actually become better. So it's not that bad after all. However it's very expensive price to pay for. And it was a very long process and time, about 9 months I think. It's like another pregnancy. I'm glad that things are alright now. Life is better. I'm a happier person now. A very good lesson learn and experience to me.

Towards the last working day, receiving some good news from work mate, which have enlighten the rest of my day. Improved job satisfaction; the kids are getting better - found some tactics how to tackle the jealous and demanding toddler (well still learning for more tactics); better quality time spent with hubby; more positive environment at home... I think this is a good start for the new year. Hope the cloudy days have gone and sunshine is always with us. Cheers!


Mummy to QiQi said...

Happy New Year to you. It has been a great year to us, for you (me 2) having a newborn this year, :)

Daddy said...

Hi. I believe it is going to be a great year for you and your loved ones.

little prince's mummy said...

Cheers!~ Happy New Year!

eugene said...

Dont worry of what others say about how bad 2009 is,we will be fine with the love our family bestows upon us.

always like blogs about family and children, will be back

Oliveoylz said...

Happy New Year!!! May 2009 bring u significant joy, health and wealth...Will be back!

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