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Friday, January 9, 2009

Is this normal?

Remember I mentioned before that hubby gave Lynn a nickname Gold fish? Well, she really gave me a shock that day.

One day we ordered pizza for dinner. With the existence of the Internet, we were able to make the order online, pay it using the credit card and the food will be delivered to our home without us having need to step our foot out of the house, drive all the way to the restaurant for it. We ordered a large size pizza. So as normal, it was being cut to 8 pieces. I prepared 2 pieces for each of me and hubby, and 1 piece for the gal. Hubby started to eat after I have finished eating. Then I went to take the water. After I returned, hubby was just started eating.

Hubby: How many pieces for each person? No more pizza already?

Me: 2 for each of us, 1 for the gal.

Hubby: This is my first piece. *point at the empty plate*

Me: Huh? This is your first piece? Cannot be... I took 5 pieces from the pizza box just now.

Then I look at the gal. Apparently she was having the second piece of the large-size pizza! *faint* How can one small stomach, can fit 2 large-size pizza??? She was eating adult serving size! Oh my goodness. And look at her tummy, big and round and bloated.

Me: Lynn, see your tummy, big big. *point at her stomach*

Lynn: *look at her own tummy* tummy big big.

Me: How can you eat so much? You are having same serving size as mama.

Me: Tummy big big, no mei mei (pretty) wor. Lynn wants mei mei or not?

Lynn: *nod her head* Lynn wants mei mei.

Me: Wants mei mei then don't eat until tummy big big.

I figured that she is not hungry, she just like to eat. Whenever she saw there is any food on the table, she will ask for it. Any time of the day, regardless whether she just finished her food or not. Oh what should I do? Sigh, when the kid is not eating, we get worried. Now she's over eating, we get worried also. Really not easy to be a parent.

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