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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hao @ 6th months

Brought Hao for his monthly check-up on Thursday. Wow, the clinic was fully pack with crowd. I was at the queue number 70! Double the number that I normally take. The check-up for the babies is on every Thursday. So happen the past 2 Thursday was holiday (Christmas day and New Year day), so that's why it was so crowded.

No jap for 6th month check-up. Just normal routine of weight, height measure and checking on his growth. Well, out of my expectation, Hao did not put on much weight for the past 1 month. When I carry him, I can feel he's heavier now. So I thought he should have put on quite a bit of weight. Surprisingly he has only gained 200g last month. Other than that, he was more active nowadays during day time. Sleep less when he is with us (the babysitter said he's still sleeping quite a lot there), does not like to lie down that much, will ask to be picked up, not each time after poo-poo he will cry (we even found on few occasion, he poo-poo in the middle of the night and sleep through the night. So his buttock become red red the next morning). We try not to put on the booties/socks for him, but his foot is feeling cold. So we has no choice. He's trying to crawl, but not successfully moving forward, instead moving backwards most of the time. He will move around by rolling, flipping, turning left right to go to another place. When we put him standing on our lap, he will be jumping up and down happily with smiling face. Whenever he saw something put in front of him, he will grab it and put into his mouth. He is still having his milk 2 hourly, 4 1/2 oz per feed. His last feeding time is around 10pm and his first feed (for the past 1 month) is about 7am. Occasionally he will wake up in the middle of the night to ask for milk. He has developed a habit of want to have milk before he sleep when I'm around. In babysitter's house, he will ask for the sarong instead. Overall, he's getting more and more active, and making lots of noise nowadays. :)

  • Weight: 7.7kg
  • Height: 69cm

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Oliveoylz said...

U must have waited for hours! Queue no. 70,'s so much more fun now that he's already 6 mths old. I love it when babies jump up and down when put on the lap :)

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