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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good and cheap!

Due to the holiday seasons and long weekend, finally I received the photo from eoe Online on Tuesday noon. Of course first thing I do is to unpack and view the photo! Oh they are gorgeous! All photos are nicely put in photo album, and the quality of the photo is so good! I did not expect the photo that was taken during Lynn's concert will come out such good. I was sitting rather far from the stage, so I had to zoom in a lot to capture her. When I viewed it from the pc, it does not look very good. But the actual print out is just amazing. And they are using Kodak paper some more. My colleagues took a look at those photo also. All of them said the quality is good and RM 0.30 for 1 photo in 4R size is a good deal!

So what are you waiting for? Go visit eoe Online, besides photo printing, you can also shop for your digital camera from them. Details of the product, camera review are available. You can also join as their member, create and share your own photo gallery, photo album or even send photo greetings to your friends! If you are a good photographer, you can also join their photo competition. And their latest highlight is the Blogger's Review Program II. What you need to do is very simple. Just write a review of them, then you can get 50 photos printed for free! And stand to win the Olympus E-520 kit with a 14-42mm lens worth RM2499.00! Yes, this is not joking. I have already got the 50 photo printed for free. And now I'm hoping of getting the new camera, as the existing one has become not reliable. :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Child Development Clinic

Zhe Hao got an appointment with the Child Development Clinic (CDC) on Monday. This appointment was arranged when Hao was discharged from the hospital for his fractured femur incident. The CDC clinic is kind of different from other clinics. 1 month before the appointment, I received letter from CDC clinic to remind me about the appointment. And if cannot make it, can change date time. Then later they called up again to confirm on the appointment. About 1 week before the appointment date, they sms me to confirm the appointment again. I never got this from other clinic like the Paed clinic and the Ortho clinic. So unlike other clinic, I don't have to wait long for my turn.

The doctor first asked questions about the Zhe Hao's development. Then she played some games with him. Checking his leg. Make sure his growth is normal. Last time because we don't know how the fractured bone happened, the doctors actually suspected it's a SCAN (suspect child abuse and neglected) case. That's the reason why the CDC clinic gave this appointment - to make sure no such incident will happen again.

The doctor (she's a Paed also) also check Hao's leg. She said if Hao's development of the leg is slower, she may consider sending him for physiotherapy. If he's normal, then she will consider discharge him from CDC. Hmm... I wonder does private clinic will have this kind of follow-up to their patient?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Angelic face

I always like to see the face of a sleeping child - so calm, kind, beautiful, just like a face of an angel. It gives me a very peaceful kind of feeling (yes, the house will be very peaceful whenever both kids are sleeping. No running or talking noise from Lynn, no crying noise from Hao. Hahaha!) Whenever I see the kids are sleeping, I will always stop by at their side, admiring their angelic face for a while before moving on. And most of the times, I can't hold back but to gently touch their head and face, and tell them how much mommy love them. And you will definitely find me smiling at them. At that moment, no matter how you get mad about them, how upset you were, how angry you are, all will be replaced by the feeling of calm, peaceful and loved. I think it's the magic of the child that no other thing can replace.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Visiting Lynn's old nanny

It was more than 2 months since we last met with Lynn's old nanny. We stopped sending Lynn to her because she couldn't take care both Lynn and Hao at the same time. When I get to know that I was pregnant, I had already requested her to take care both kids. She agreed at the beginning. However later she told me that her daughter-in-law got pregnant too and her son would like her to take care the child. Since both babies will be only 3 months apart, she said it will be difficult for to take care both babies at the same time, without another pair of helping hand. The son initially said will get a maid for her, but changed their mind later on. So the babysitter had no choice to tell me that she could not take care Hao. Well, since I had to find another babysitter for Hao, so we decided to send Lynn to playschool at the same time.

This babysitter had been taking care of Lynn since she was 2 months old. We had been developing a very good relationship with their family. The whole family are very good to Lynn and us. She even helped me to take care Hao, before I managed to get a new babysitter and before her daughter-in-law gave birth. Lynn was very much attached to the nanny (she called them Ah Kong and Ah Mah as they are Hokkiens). When we stopped sending Lynn to them, I wanted to buy a gift to the babysitter. However I was too busy with work at that time, so did not manage to go do some shopping. Last month, my sister-in-law opened her own boutique shop in Kuchai Lama. While visiting her new shop, I found a very nice crystal bracelet that was made byher sister there. Without much hesitation, I bought the bracelet for the nanny. Since it was a bit short, I had requested to make the bracelet longer and finally i got it about 2 weeks ago. (Oops, forgot to take a picture of the bracelet before giving it away to the nanny. See how forgetful I am. Sigh. )

We had a good time chatting with the Ah Kong and Ah Mah. While Lynn had a good time playing with their grand daughter (they used to play together in the past). Ah Kong even gave Lynn a very big donut to eat. So when I was leaving 2 hours later, Lynn refused to follow me home. Sigh... got Ah Mah, don't want mommy already. So hubby went to pick her up later when coming back from work.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Go to school

Lynn's child care center will be closed for 2 weeks, starting 22 December 2008 until 2 Jan 2009. So Lynn will be going back to the playschool on 5 Jan 2009. As me and hubby still need to work during these 2 weeks (we are on contractual basis, do not have so called 'clearing annual leave' like other people), I'm sending Lynn to my mom (luckily still have some one to help take care the kid). I forgot to mention to Lynn that the school is closed and she will be going to po po's house. Luckily she did not make much fuss to get down from the car when reaching my mom house. However every morning, she keep on asking my mom "Go to school". Well, with just about 2 months plus in the playschool, she started missing it. Of course, there are so many fun activities and friends there. I think it's a good start. Hopefully when she are old enough to enter kindy and then primary school, she will continue enjoying school life. :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Printing photo online

Since I bought the digital camera, it becomes very seldom for me pay a visit to the photo shop. Why? Simply because I just need to upload the photo to the PC for viewing, without the need to send the film to the photo shop for it! We tend to snap lots of photo using the camera (since no need film, can always just delete it if we don't like it). So tonnes of photo have been taken. Occasionally we just pick some photo that we like and send for printing. However as I'm lazy to drop by the photo shop, we have stopped doing it.

When we bought the color printer about a year ago, I even went to buy some photo paper, thinking of printing the photo at home. However the quality is never be as good as those from the photo shop (not sure if because the paper quality that I buy, or the printer is not good enough). And also the ink run out very fast. So I think it's probably still more economical and worth it if just send to the photo shop for printing, even though the price for printing has been increasing.

And now with eoe online, I can send the photo for printing at anytime, without leaving the home! All I need to do is just to upload the photos, then they will do the printing and deliver the printed photo back to me directly. This is so easy and convenient! What's more, the delivery is FREE for orders RM35 and above. eoe Online is a home-grown Malaysian photo retail site. They are having promotion now and I can't believe it. It just cost you RM0.30 to print 1 4R size photo and 5R at RM0.50! It's so cheap! And if you are a blogger, they are having this eoe Online Blogger’s Review Program II for you! All you need to do is do a review on eoe Online and get 50 4R photo prints for free! And what is more attractive is, you get a chance to win the grand prize to an Olympus E-520 kit with a 14-42mm lens worth RM2499.00!

Just this evening, while having dinner, I was telling hubby that it's time for us to buy a new camera already. The existing Canon IXUS 500 that I have for few years, is becoming not reliable already. The battery also run off very fast. That's also one of the reason why I seldom take photo nowadays. So I definitely need a new camera! Well, even I didn't get the win the Grand prize, I still can shop for the camera online with eoe Online. With Internet, everything become so simple and convenient. I can do it at my own time, when there is no interruptions from the kids. :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A big lesson learn

Just about 2 months ago, my car was being hit by someone from the back. It was not our fault at all (all cars were waiting in the roundabout). We got the name and mobile number from the lady who hit us. At first the lady told us report to the police. Then she called up hubby and requested us not to report to the police, as she did not want to claim the insurance. She said the car that she used was her friend's car. She asked to send the car for repair, tell her how much it cost and she will pay us back.

I think probably only me and hubby, that we are kind person will believe what she said. We decided to trust her. Thus we did not make any police report. Few weeks later when I was able to take some time off from work, I sent my car to the workshop for quotation. The whole thing was quoted at around RM2k. We told her the price. It actually took us quite a while to get her on the phone. I was worried that she will not agree to pay. After knowing the cost of repair, she said it was equivalent to her 2 months salary (can you believe this? ) and she requested to pay us in 4 installments, that is RM500 per month. She also requested to start paying in subsequent month as she just paid her friend who lend her the car. We had chosen to trust her again. Later we sms her our bank account number (as she had requested so that she can directly bank in the money into our account). Everything looks good.

Last month, we called her up asking when she will make the payment. She said she will pay it later and sms us after she had banked in the money into our account. However after 1 week, there was still no news from her. We tried to call her on her mobile. And this time, for few weeks, we did not manage to get her. We always get "the person that you have called is unavailable" from her mobile.

Now we regretted to have trust her. If she did not agree to pay, I may not proceed with the repair. RM2k is not a small amount. Especially at this time, we need money to purchase some insurance for Hao. Moreover CNY is coming soon. All require money to spend. Well, this is an expensive price to pay for something that was done in good intention. Both me and hubby were too soft-hearted. :(

Monday, December 15, 2008

Strong arm

Hahaha, the person who is having the strong arm is not me. It's hubby. :) Hubby was playing with Lynn early this morning. Me and Hao was lying on the bed lazily, looking at them having some good time. After a while, Hao started to make some noise, as if he's complaining how come papa only play with jie jie and not me? So hubby picked up the boy. And now it's the jie jie who get jealous! At the end, hubby had to carry both kids, one each on his arm.

Lynn's first performance

Date: 5 December 2008
Time: 4pm
Venue: Wisma Tun Sambanthan

The child care center that Lynn is attending was having its 30th annual concert. It was Lynn's very first concert, and performance too. Even though she just joined in October, she managed to catch up with the dances and took part in 3 dances!

Lynn was standing at the right most. This was her first dance. I think she was not used to be on stage and seeing so many uncles and aunties yet. So she was kind of standing there, looking around and not doing much of the dance movements.

This was Lynn's second appearance on the stage. She is the 3rd kid from the left. She did better for this one. Already got one time experience probably. :)

Haha, Lynn looked so cute in this outfit. And she enjoyed it very much. :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hao @ 5.5 months

Time flies. Zhe Hao is 5.5 months now. I still can remember very clearly the moment he come out from my stomach in the hospital, the confinement months, how he asked for milk every half to 1 hour, it just seems like not too long ago. However now soon 2 more weeks he will turn 6 months old. Well, though I have been very much looking forward for him to turn 6 months old to start the semi solids (that means I can get to feel a bit relief as once he started the solids he will need less milk, so I don't need to feel so stress not being able to express enough for him during the workdays), but I do wish to have more breastfeed moments with him. He is a very special baby to me. He is different from his sister Lynn, very much different. Sometimes I do feel sorry that I don't spend enough time with him due to the hectic work schedule. I probably give more attention to Lynn when she was still a baby. However back then we don't have another toddler to take care of.

Hao does not gained much weight in the past 1 month. The babysitter always complain me giving too little milk for him. However I don't think so as Hao is on 2 hourly feeding schedule. She cant always compare him to a baby taking formula milk.

First time Hao has some fever after taking his last dose of the 6-in-1 jap. Combined with the flu that he got from his sister earlier on, Hao is rather fussy according to the babysitter. She complained about Lynn spread over the flu to him. To me, falling sick is rather normal and common if one person in the family get sick, the others will fall sick too. Hao took 2 days to recover from the fever. But still have some flu and I heard he started coughing too (sure I will get blamed again from the babysitter next Mon on this).

Weight: 7.5kg

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Obstacle in Our Path

Another story to share with everyone: -

In ancient times, a king had a boulder placed on a roadway. Then he hid himself and watched to see if anyone would remove the huge rock. Some of the king’s wealthiest merchants and courtiers came by and simply walked around it. Many loudly blamed the king for not keeping the roads clear, but none did anything about getting the big stone out of the way.

Then a peasant came along carrying a load of vegetables. On approaching the boulder, the peasant laid down his burden and tried to move the stone to the side of the road. After much pushing and straining, he finally succeeded. As the peasant picked up his load of vegetables, he noticed a purse lying in the road where the boulder had been. The purse contained many gold coins and a note from the king indicating that the gold was for the person who removed the boulder from the roadway. The peasant learned what many others never understand: Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve one’s condition.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stranger anxiety - Part 2

It was a busy weekend last week. We have few outings during the weekend. First it was Lynn's first performance (will write a separate post on this) on Friday afternoon. Then Saturday we were attending my friend's wedding dinner reception. On Monday we went out for shopping with my Mother-in-law. For all these outings, we brought Hao and Lynn along, hoping Hao will improve on his stranger anxiety emotion after meeting more people.

My mother followed us to Lynn's school performance. Just few days before that, Hao refused to be carried by my mom. He was crying all the time. So on Friday, my mom become smarter. She talked to him, played with him while in the car to the Wisma Tun Sambanthan where the performance was held. We can hear Hao laughing all the time happily playing with my mom. So she has no problem carrying him on Friday. :)

On Saturday, we brought both Lynn and Hao to the wedding dinner reception. Hao took a short nap after having his milk, woke up 1 hour later by the noisy environment. My friends tried to carry him. Well, they are smart too. They talked to him before carrying him. Again, Hao did not cry while being carried by my friends. He smiled a lot that night too. :)

Similarly on Monday, Hao smiled and laughed a lot playing with my mother-in-law. We are very happy to see some improvement in Hao. At least, he wont be just only clingy to us. :)

As for Lynn, in fact after she has grown up, she become more shy in front of stranger, or people that she seldom meet.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Stranger anxiety

Zhe Hao is now 5 months old. And seems like he is started to show signs of stranger anxiety. Unlikes his sister, Zhe Hao is less outgoing. And also due to always need to work late, during weekend we tend to stay at home most of the time. Very seldom we will go out, the most is to buy food only. We do take Zhe Hao along if we are dining out. Other than that, Zhe Hao has been staying home most of the time.

Few weeks back we brought the kids along to meet up with my MIL, my bro-in-law and my sis-in-law. Zhe Hao cries when any of them trying to carry him. Last night I brought Hao back to my parents house. Just 2 weeks he did not see them, yet he cries when my parents trying to carry him, while me and hubby were having our dinner. *Sigh*

I wouldn't want Hao to become more clingy to us. We would prefer him to be more sociable. Whenever there is a chance, we will try to bring him along so that he will get used to see new faces. Coming weekend we will be attending my friend's wedding dinner. Hopefully everything will be going on well.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lynn @ 2.5 years old

Since Lynn turns 2 years old, I can feel that she has grown a lot. Here are the milestone she has made so far: -

  • Able to wear shoe by herself
  • Able to eat by herself using spoon
  • No diaper during daytime. When we go out, she will tell me if she needs to go toilet
  • Able to wear clothes by herself
  • Able to take off and wear pant/skirt by herself
  • Know how to make her own milk
  • Go to bed by herself

Besides that, she also likes to sing and dance. Sometimes she will surprise us with her singing and dancing. She is an active child. She likes to jump and run. She will play with her little brother and acting like a big sister. :p Well, of course sometimes when she will feel jealous over her little brother. To get our attention, she will cry loudly (which made us become so mad!). She still have to learn to share things with her little brother. She is still very much want to sit on the stroller when we go out and said it is hers. We have to persuade her to let Hao use the stroller. Good thing she listens to us.

In overall, she is a good girl (as long as she is not crying). I know she is still very much want our attention a lot. I will give as much as I can.

Lynn, papa and mama love u!

Weight: 12.5kg
Height: 98cm

Gold fish

What is the characteristic of a gold fish? Some say they are forgetful, but whatever the reason, all I know is that gold fish will keep on eating as long as you keep on feeding them food!

Back at home, at one time both me and hubby joke around wanted to give Lynna a nickname "Gold fish". Why? Simply because she just likes to eat! Whatever food that she saw, she will definitely ask for it. She will say "Qian Lynn want! Qian Lynn want!" And after she has finished her portion, she will ask for some more. In short, she will keep on asking as long as there is food around. Sometimes we do get worry that if she is over eaten, seeing that she's having a big and round stomach. :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Unconditional love

There is this powerful and accurate quote from Choices and Illusions that I would like to share with everyone:

"When you forgive, you essentially undo the ability to blame. If there is nothing to blame, then you are in charge of your response to outside stimuli. There is less room for anger without blame. There is less to fear when your 're empowered."

The concept of giving up blame leads to a feeling of unconditional love for others. This is an important way to feel more like you are a contributing member of the human race. You begin to feel like you fit into the human family. You feel that you are important to the world, and the world returns the favor, by allowing you to experience being connected to others. You have joined the human family. You belong to it and it belongs to you.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Is it really cheaper?

When someone ask me what brand of the formula milk that Hao is taking and I said he's solely on breast milk, most of the people will respond "Wah, can save a lot leh." Well, does it really can save a lot with breastfeeding? I doubt it. Actually there's quite a number of 'hidden cost' that probably only us who is fully breastfeeding the baby will know. :)

  • Nursing pad - For those good brand like Medela, it costs about RM1 per piece. Even the cheaper brand like Tollyjoy will cost about RM0.50 per piece. We have to use this as long as we are still breastfeeding to prevent your shirt to get wet if the milk is leaking.
  • Storage bottle or storage bag - I have about 20 milk bottles in my freezer. However it is not enough for me so I have to invest on storage bag that costs about RM0.50 per bag.
  • Nursing bra - This is mostly for when I'm out with the baby, so that I can nurse him easily in the public.
  • Breast care cream
  • Breast pump - This is needed especially for a working mum like me. A good breast pump even just a simple manual one side pump will cost few hundreds.
  • Food warmer - Some people may invest in food warmer to heat up the storage breast milk, but not me. We use the 'traditional' way - just place the milk bottle in a cup filled with hot water. It takes less than 5 minutes to heat up the milk. :)
  • Supplements - Since all the nutrients from our body will go into the milk, we have to make sure our body have enough nutrients for ourselves too. I'm also taking domperidone to stimulate more milk (this is not cheap at all. It costs about RM0.50 per pill and I have to take 6 per day. )
  • Nutrient food - We will search for all sort of foods that will boost up our milk supply, like fish, papaya, fenugreek etc.
And most important for all is the time and heart! It needs a lots of persistent and patient to go for fully breastfeeding. I have to sacrifice my lunch time to express the milk for Hao in the office. And need to ask someone to pack the lunch for me. And not to mention everywhere I go I need to take Hao with me. If not, I have to pump out the milk for him. All these are priceless! And for all the moms who are breastfeeding the child, the main purpose is not to save money, but want to give the best to the child!

Another milestone achieved

This is a backdated post.

Date: 24 November 2008

As usual, I went to pick up Zhe Hao after work. However this week will be exceptional early as we have to pick up Lynn from the child care center too. Usually it's my father to go pick up Lynn on his way back home from work. But this week my parents have gone for holiday, so we have to pick up Lynn ourselves.

Usually there is no parking space available at the babysitter's house, so we do not normally stop by for long. Just pick up the boy and then we will leave. But since I was early, I had to wait for the babysitter to change Hao into his pyjamas. The babysitter told me that Hao now can hold the milk bottle by himself. What? Did I hear it wrongly? Zhe Hao can hold milk bottle by himself approaching 5 months old?! Wuahahaha... though I have guessed that for quite a while (Hao used to put his hand on my chest while I feed him in lying down position, just like the position of holding milk bottle) but I never expect he really did it. Well done, Hao!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A New Day

Come across this the other day and thought of want to share it with everyone.

This is the beginning of a new day. I have been given this day to use
as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is
important because I'm exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow
comes, this day will be gone forever leaving in it's place whatever I
have traded it for. I pledge to myself that it shall be ...... Gain, not
loss. Good, not evil. Success, not failure, in order that I shall not
regret the price I paid for this day!

When I was younger and believed that money made the world go 'round I
hung a quotation very much like this one only it was entitled, "If I
Had A Bank." This reminded me daily of how many seconds there are in a
day and coached me to imagine each one as worth at least one dollar. As
such, each morning I awoke with 86,400 seconds (dollars) in credit and
if I did not invest them wisely at the end of the day the credit was

Investment--I have learned that money is not that important and the best
investment is in what you do to help others. The irony is the more you
help others the more good comes to you. It is indeed a perfect example
of the biblical statement, "What you sow is what you reap."

This short article really has inspired me a lot, especially this year is a very challenging and tough year for me. I have been changing, and adapting to new situation, new environment continuously. And I'm grateful to those people to give concerns and helping hand when I need it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Extracting orange juice?

Everyday during lunch and after office hours, I will need to do my daily 'homework' - to express milk for the boy. Most of the colleague in the office know that I'm breastfeeding the baby. Few days back as usual, after finishing the 'homework' I was cleaning the breast pump in the office pantry. Before the office was relocated, I used to do it in the Ladies toilet. We used to have our own toilet just for the staffs here. There are cleaners come to wash the toilet every morning so it was well kept. However after we have relocated to new place, we no longer have our own 'private' toilet anymore. We have to share the public toilet with another company on the same floor.

So while I was still cleaning up the breast pump, a male colleague bumped into me. He saw me do the washing and asked me what is the thing.

He: Hey, what is that for? Making tea?
Me: Err... nope.
He: Extracting orange juice?
Me: Hehe... no lar. *laughing at him* (I actually can't help myself from not laughing after hearing this. Lol)
He: Oh.
Me: Err... this is actually for the milk for my boy. hehehe

Apparently he never see a breast pump before and he thought we should be using electrical one. Well, he's a married man but no kids yet. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Developing comfort sucking

Recently I have to spend more and more time nursing Hao. From half an hour, to one hour and sometimes even more than 1 hour! Especially towards the end of the day. I noticed Hao has started developing comfort sucking habit.

When Lynn was still a baby, she can't sleep without me. She started comfort sucking to sleep since she was born. Most of the time gone due to this. And she had developing a habit must sleep with me. Else she can't sleep. I have spent lots of effort to make her to able to sleep without me around. In the past, when I was not around, she will cry looking for me. And eventually fall asleep getting tired after crying. I certainly would not like this to happen to Hao. This will make hubby getting headache to get the kids to bed if I'm not around. Hao does not seems to be too attach to me yet to be able to fall asleep so I certainly would not want him to have to comfort sucking habit to

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Sweet Birthday

Today seems just like another ordinary day for me. Morning took some time off to take Zhe Hao for his scheduled check-up. Then go to work after that. As usual, work is busy. Discussions, meetings etc. filling up the days.

Something unexpected coming up in the afternoon. Hubby bought me a piece of birthday cake! Well he's not the very romantic kind to me (but at times he will do something which surprise me too). He's so sweet! Suddenly all the work pressure, date line, tasks have been put aside. Enjoying the sweet moment I seldom get.

This is probably the sweetest birthday I ever had. :)

Well, it's another working late day. We only get to eat the cake at night as our dinner. ^_^

Hao @ 4th months check up

Brought Hao for his scheduled 4th month check-up this morning. In fact, he's approaching 4.5 months now. For Hao, we are taking him to the government clinic (Klinik Ibu mengandung dan Kanak-kanak) for his jap. This is my first experience with the government clinic though we have been visiting government hospital all the while (Hao next scheduled check-up with HUKM is end of next month).

As usual, you have to expect long wait in the government clinic. In order to be able to get there earlier, I stayed overnight at my parent's house the night before as it is nearer to the clinic. So hubby was alone at home last night. (Well, as long as he got his PC with Internet access, he won't be boring being alone at home. :p)

I was anxious to know what is Hao's current weight. He has not been putting on weight during his last month check-up. After knowing that he has put on about 1kg this month, I feel relief. The new babysitter is still not very used to fully b/fed baby yet. She always very nervous when approaching milk time. She said 10 mins before the milk time, Hao will start screaming already. it has been several times that she has asked me when do I plan to stop b/feeding. Well I have to admit that the supply can hardly match with the demand nowadays. However I still have not thought of stopping yet. I still remember last time right after I stop b/feeding Lynn, she started to fall sick. Just 2 more months after Hao started on the semi-solids, the b/feeding part will be become easier. So I just have to hang on for a while more.

Hao @ 4.5 months
Weight: 7.1kg
Height: 67.5cm

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lynn's progress in Child care

It has been one month since Lynn started going to the child care center. Early last week, Lynn was not feeling well. She had some mild fever on Sunday night. So on Monday, I called up the child care to make sure if she's alright. And had a short conversation with teacher Stacy there over the phone to find out more about Lynn. Here are the findings: -

  • She did not cry for papa or mama (thumb up for this. :P)
  • She will go to the toilet herself when she needs to pass motion
  • She uses the toilet instead of potty (at home, she's using the potty)
  • She drinks very little water (oh girl, you need to drink more water)
  • She does not talk to the teachers there (I wonder why)
  • She talks to other children in Mandarin (the medium used in the child care is English)
  • She will follow the teacher's instructions according to her mood (as expected)
  • Accidents of wetting the bed when taking afternoon nap had happened quite a number of times (strange this does not happen at home during the weekend though). So the teacher will take her to the toilet in the middle of the nap

It is interesting and surprise to me that Lynn does not talk to the teachers there. Lynn is a sociable child since she was a baby. So is that means she did not ask or demand for anything? At home, she always ask for biscuit, candies etc. And even if Lynn does not talk in English in the child care center, we do notice that Lynn uses more English words when talking to us (we are trying to talk solely in English to her too). Just like yesterday morning, she started to talk in sentence to us "Di Di go home".

Friday, October 31, 2008

Roll over

Finally Hao able to roll over his whole body on the day he turns 4 months old! I told myself that I'm going to mark down this memorable date. I did not mark down a lots of Lynn's milestone in the past. Then I regret that I did not note down all those memorable date. All just in my mind but I have limited memory too and it will fade away when the time pass. I can vaguely remember Lynn able to roll over when she was 4 months old too. Now with this blog, I can note down the kid's milestone and achievements easily. :)

Before Hao's leg was injured, he likes to sleep lying on his tummy. Ever since his fractured leg, I did not put him lying on his tummy as the position is not so good for the leg. Recently when I tried to put him to lie on tummy, he will complain about it. Hehe however now after he can roll over, he always roll himself to sleep either side way, or fully roll over his body to sleep on his tummy.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A special gift from the God

I was not having a very easy pregnancy with this boy. Not physically not fit, but having lots of emotional ups and downs throughout the pregnancy. What make thing worse is I'm not sure why he is brought to this world. However during that time, I keep on telling him that he's a strong baby, he's mommy's strong boy. Till now, I'm still telling him the same thing.

Last night, when I was nursing him, he was looking into my eyes. So close, so clear. He's telling me that "Mama, be strong."

Going through a lots of hurdles, stress and challenges in life in the past half year. Have been crying a lots too. At times when it was so tough, I will ask myself what what kind of tests that the God is giving me, and what more to come. Now I think besides the tests, the God also gives me this wonderful boy to help me along the way.

Zhe Hao, mama loves you!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Zhe Hao first ride on car seat

Since Zhe Hao was born, he had been travelled on carrier whenever we go out by car. At first, it was easier to carry him in the carrier. Then due to his fractured femur, I think it will be better for him to continue on the carrier, as he can fully lie down his whole body on the carrier compared to car seat.

However as he grows, it was not too comfortable for him to lie in the carrier anymore. Not much room for him to stretch his body already. So I get back the old car seat where Lynn used to sit on till she's more than 1 years old, to install it in the car.

Today is Deepavali holiday, we decided to go to the bank and whole family had the lunch outside. I place Hao on the car seat. He was a good boy, did not make any noise about it. In fact, I think he will enjoy car seat more as he can now see me closer and able to view outside the car. See, he enjoy the ride so much. :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh my car

I was so bad luck. My new car was being knocked down by a lady end of last month. We were heading for lunch with the family after visiting the child care center. We were on the queue waiting to make a u-turn in Jalan Cheras. As usual, the traffic was quite heavy due to it was Saturday afternoon. I was drinking my soup inside the car while the 2 kids were taking their nap. Suddenly a "bang" and I was thrown up a bit and the soup were all over my pants and the seats. I quickly check out the baby and the girl. Luckily both were fine and continue sleeping. Not to be bothered by what had just happened.

We drove in to the furniture mall nearby to take a look at the car. Well, it was quite badly hit. The MyVi car that hit us was not that bad, just some minor scratches. I felt very "sum tong" to see my new car being smashed and become out of shape. *cry*

Due to the busy work schedule, I managed to send the car for quotation and repair 2 weeks later in mid of October. Guess how much price I get quoted to fix the car? It was more than RM2000 ! I got shocked over the price. According to the person in-charge, the bumper and the back light need to be replaced (as the part that was holding it was broken). Just the parts itself already cost slightly more than 1k. Then the workmanship for the painting etc cost anothern 1k. So in total when I pay the bil it was closed to RM2100.

I pity the lady who hit my car. She was driving her friend's car. So she has to pay her friend as well as us. And she does not earn much. She proposed to pay by 4 installments to us. Me and hubby had to trust her and agreed on that. My brother and his wife think that we were too kind.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Demand > Supply *cry*

Hao is more than 3 months old now. When I put him with the previous babysitter when he was 1.5 months old, I started him with 90ml for every 2 hours. It looks a lot for a baby taking breast milk but I found that only taking this much then can last him for 2 hours. So we have been sticking to this until recently. The new babysitter has been complaining the boy is not having enough milk. So I increased the feeding to 100ml for every 2 hours. When my mom called up Dr Koh to check how much milk should Hao been taking, I was a bit surprised to find out that she thinks 90ml every 2 hours is way too much for him. She said it should be a 3 hourly feeding. She suggested if we increase the milk to 100ml, make it 3 hours. I don't think 100ml can last the boy for 3 hours. So I continue him with the 2 hourly feeding and 100ml.

Just one week, the babysitter complained to me the boy is not having enough again. He will cry when she try to take the milk bottle from him after he has finished drinking all milk. Oh alamak, how can be not enough? And I think increase the milk again is not a good idea. Due to the working late nights, my supply had been greatly affected. Even though stay in the office much longer hours, however I couldn't find any extra time to express one more time. So the supply has become lower. During the weekends when I breastfeed him directly, I noticed that his feeding time had been increasing, and still having both eyes widely open after the feeding. Which means that very likely he's not full enough and I have no more for him! This is so stressful that besides feeling stress about work, every time when I will calculate that whether it is enough for the day or not. For almost the whole week, the expressed milk is one feeding less than the expressed milk I pass to the babysitter in the morning. Argh this is real bad. I have no choice but to increase the dosage of the domperidone. Hopefully this will help.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Going to child care center

We send Lynn to a child care center nearby the work place area instead of going to the same new babysitter with Hao. This child care center is recommended by my mom's friend who had sent her son into this same child care previously.

On the way to the child care, I told her that Lynn will be going to school from now onwards. As usual, we just dropped her at the child care and then off to work. I waved to her before I left. Later in the evening, my parents will go pick her up as we will be still at work.

Lynn was well behaved at the child care. She followed the order of the teachers, will go to the potty herself, and she did not cry for mama and papa! Even though she is only 2 years old, some how I can feel that she understand what is going on. She's always my good girl. I hope she will become happier in the child care, with more games, activities and kids there.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stress, stress, stress

Recently I'm having so much stress. Stress from work and stress from home. I had lost 3-4kg within 1.5 months since I went back to work about 2 months back.

At work, we all are working without days and nights to get things done before the dateline. Some of us even had to come back to work one full day on Saturday for the past one month. I'm glad that I still can enjoy rest day on Saturday. However we do work until very late, around 10pm. On one Friday, we even worked until 3am in the morning! Well, the dateline had past however the boss is not very happy with the results. We need to put in more effort to get it done. So there will be more late nights next week. Being a team leader I even need to face more stress from the boss as well as the top management team.

As for the kids, due to the unavailability of the previous babysitter, despite the busy work schedule I had to squeeze some time to look for a new babysitter for them. It was not easy at all due to the fact that both me and hubby are working late. So we need someone to take care them at least until around 9pm. It was so difficult to get someone who is willing to take care kids till so late. Most people requested to pick up the kids around 7pm.

Finally I manage to find someone who is willing to take care the kids, with some extra charges. The market price here for one child is RM600. I top up additional RM100 for late pick up. This lady is staying near my parents house, not somewhere near my living area. However I don't have much choice as I could not get any babysitter nearby my area to take care the kids. (There was another lady staying near the work place area, charging additional RM150 for late pick up. And later another Rm100 for the porridge when Hao turns 6 months old later. Moreover she is intending to take care more than one kid at the same time. I think this is over charging.) As for Lynn, she will be going to the child care. I will write another post on this.

Stress at work and the worries about the new arrangement of the kids leave some impact to the milk supply. Some of the days the supply will be low that could not meet the daily demand of the boy. So this add another stress to me. I do have some extra milk storage in the freezer, but I do worry about not producing enough for the boy during the days will decrease the supply over a period of time which cause me could not fully breastfeeding him very soon. Sometimes during the weekend, especially on Sunday towards the end of the day, I can feel that the supply had gone low and Hao is not having enough. I had no choice but to continue taking the domperidone in order to maintain the milk supply. Next week I need to increase Hao's serving per feed and this definitely will add more stress on my body in order to produce more milk for him.

Finally it's fixed

After few phone calling and complains, finally the technician came on Saturday morning to fix the phone and the internet connection. The problem was not from home. So he had to drive to other place to check. In total, he took about half an hour to get the problem fixed. I wonder why they had to take so many days to come. I hope after this, no more phone problem after heavy rain. Later in the afternoon, the customer service from Telekom called to check if everything was OK so that he can closed the case. I feel regretted for not asking any rebate from them since it had been more than 2 weeks the phone line was down and more than 1 week without internet connection. :(

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fractured femur - Update

Last Fri (10 Oct 2008), I brought Hao back to HUKM for the follow up appointment on his fractured femur. As well, long wait was expected in the government hospital. So I had applied for a half day off earlier of the week. However the charges is cheap - RM 15 for the x-ray and RM 5 for the doctor consultation fee. One thing I like about HUKM is they will make sure the patient is safe to go before stopping any follow up appointment. And if they suspect anything, they will make sure respective tests have been carried out. So I'm still sending the kids to HUKM despite the long queue (in fact, have get used to it already. :D).

It was my first visit to the Orthopetic clinic. Hao had been transferred to the Ortho doctor from the Paed. He had to take x-ray before seeing the doctor. It was quite a long queue. We had waited for about an hour before the x-ray was taken. Hao was quite coorperative taking the x-ray. He even smile to the radiologist.

The x-ray shown that his fractured femur bone now is connecting. However you still could see the trace of the broken part. I'm glad his leg is healing. Baby really has super healing power. In fact, about 2 weeks ago, I had noticed Hao started to move and kick using his right leg. So he was already showing the healing sign by then. Well, the next follow up appointment by the Ortho doctor is 3 months later in January 2009. Hao will be 6 months old by then.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What kind of service is this?

In the past almost 3 weeks, my house phone was not working properly. My mom was complaining whenever she called the house phone, it was engaged. When I pick up the phone, there was no dialing tone. Well, this happen before especially during raining days. Usually after 1 or 2 days the phone line will back to normal. However this time, it seems like after 2 weeks the phone line is still not working properly. There is no problem on the internet access, so I did not realize the phone line is having some problem until my mom was complaining about it (I seldom make phone call at home).

So on 2 days before the Hari Raya break, I called to lodge the house phone problem. They said it will be fixed in 24 hours. The next day the home phone was fixed. However the streamyx was down. Me and hubby was so upset. Hubby later called up the streamyx help line to lodge the complain. They said will be fixed in 2 working days. However the next day was the Hari Raya holiday.

So the 2 rest days at home was without internet access. I had nothing much to do so I took the opportunity to sleep a lot (replacing the insufficient sleeping hours for the previous 2 days before the holidays due to working late till midnight in the office). And also take my own sweet time to clean the floor of the entire house.

Soon after the Hari raya holidays - Guess what? The home phone line was down again! Now both home phone and internet access are not available. What kind of service is this? I'm so upset and disappointed with the service provider.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Male or female, does it matter?

I'm sure some of us may have made friends over the internet before. The person could be from the same town, or from different country with different culture altogether. We may or may not be meeting up the person. However does it ever matter if the person is same gender as us?

Recently I get to know someone from the internet through online games. In the games, there are male toons and female toons. You can have a male player playing a female toons and vice versa. So it's kind of hard to tell if the person that you know is a male or female unless you ask. So this friend of mine, who is a male, does not make friends with male who play female toons. Once he has a good friend (who plays female toons) but after later knowing he's a guy, he stop talking to him. A good friendship is gone just like that. Well I personally do not mind whether the other person is male or female, as long as we can click well. Isn't that a friendship is more important?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

4 days in the hospital...

While we were thinking what kind of treatment that Hao needed, the doctors were thinking what was the cause of the fractured bone. To them, this is a serious injury. They said a normal fall would not cause the bone to be broken (yes, i saw the x-ray, 1 bone has been broken into 2 smaller bones.)

In total, Zhe Hao was admitted for 4 days (from Sept 1 - 4). In fact, according to the paed ortho doc, Zhe Hao required no treatment. Since he was still a baby. the bone will require by itself. It will take about another month more (since they said it happened about 2 weeks ago). By the time, it will be back to 1 whole bone by itself. When I asked about any side effects from the fractured bone, I was told that any side effects will not be visible when he grow up later. As for Zhe Hao, he is just like normal. He did not really cry a lot, does not seems to be in pain. At least I feel relief seeing him being normal. His diet is normal, passing motion also normal, did not complain when I move his leg when changing diaper etc. As long as we be more careful on his right leg, do not cause any pain to him, Zhe Hao basically is just like normal.

And since Zhe Hao does not need treatment at all, so why we still need to be in the hospital for 4 days?

Day 1 (Night): the paed doc came to ask me details on Zhe Hao, like who take care of him, who else in the family, in the babysitter house, any accidents, how Lynn treats Zhe Hao etc.

Day 2 (Morning): Another paed doc come asking me a little bit more details than the first paed doc. Then she told me about the NAI, about what they need to be done as the doctor, in order to protect the child, they need to investigate how this could happen, to make sure no child abuse incident etc.

Also when other doctors, nurses or other parents come to know that Zhe Hao was having fractured bone, they all started asking did he fall down, is he taken care by the babysitter etc. Most of the people suspecting the babysitter but me and hubby are not. The same babysitter has been taken care Lynn when Lynn was still a baby. Lynn has been well taken care of. And the babysitter family all treat Lynn very well. Buying clothes for her, buying toys for her, taken her out for shopping, willing to take care of her till late, or even overnight, willing to take care of her even during public holiday when me and hubby need to go to work. And she's not a calculative person. She never ask for any OT money from us. So we trust her will not harm Zhe Hao. However we do worry that if it's caused by the kids. Besides Lynn, the babysitter also is taking care her one year old granddaughter too.

Day 2 (Afternoon): Zhe Hao was taken for another x-ray session - to scan any other places in his body that also having bone fractured. The doctors also examined his whole body for any bruises.

Day 3 (Morning): The eye specialist doc came over to check Zhe Hao's eyes, see if there is any internal bleeding. Poor Zhe Hao... when the eye specialist come over, he was just fallen asleep. Howeve the examination required him to have his eyes open. So they forced to open his eyes and he was crying loudly complaining the doc disturb him sleeping. Until me also feel like crying. Luckily the whole session did not take that long but enough to make you feel pity to the boy having to go through all this examinations despite the fact that he's not being abused.

Day 3 (Afternoon): Both me and hubby, as well as the babysitter were required to be in the hospital to be interviewed by the doctors. So I had to repeat the story how I found his leg swollen then sent him to hospital for further checking... After that, we were required to lodge a police report. It is for the hospital to further carry out the investigation. The people from social welfare will pay a visit to our home as well as babysitter home, to ensure the environment are safe for the baby.

Of course the doctor will not trust the babysitter. However I do believe they don't think we the parents will abuse the baby. How can a mother who is fully breastfeeding the child will abuse her own baby? This not make sense at all. And because I need to breastfeed Zhe Hao, I had been 'stucked' in the hospital, 24 hrs a day, to take care and breastfeed him. So my job in the hospital is breastfeed Hao, eat, sleep, drink, rest. That's all. It was sooo cold in the hospital at night. I could not sleep well as it was too cold. Thanks to hubby who brought me the blanket on the 3rd day so at least I still get to sleep well on that night. It was a tiring experience. But I'm glad Zhe Hao is fine.

Day 4: Finally we were allowed to go home. And I need to take Zhe Hao come back hospital for x-ray after one month.

Poor Zhe Hao

Have not been posting for the past 2 weeks. Yes, something has happen., to the little baby Hao, and all of us are very shock about it.

Aug 31 (Morning): After I have bathed Zhe Hao (wanted to take him out to visit a friend, who has just give birth few weeks back), when I was changing diaper for him, I noticed his right thigh was much bigger size than the left thigh. I thought maybe he did not exercise that leg much so causing the different in size.

Aug 31 (Afternoon): When I changed diaper for him again, I paid a closer look to both legs again. This time I realized the different in size was due to the right thigh is swollen. That's why it's so much bigger. I was wondering how come the thigh was swollen.

Aug 31 (Evening): Zhe Hao was crying. And I noticed that the right leg was not moving. I started to get more worried. Tried to call up the child clinic nearby our house to check if it was opened (usually it opens on Sunday night but due to Aug 31 was a public holiday). Unfortunately no one pick up the call, means the clinic was not opened.

Sept 1 (Morning): Called the child clinic again. It was opened in the morning. So me and hubby quickly took Zhe Hao to see the doctor. I was praying nothing bad happened on him.

The pead advised us to take Hao to the hospital for further checking as he found the thigh is quite swollen. So he wrote us a referral letter to HUKM.

Sept 1 (Afternoon): We reached the HUKM Emergency unit. Zhe Hao was immediately given treatment and brought into the treatment room inside. I followed the nurse into the treatment room while hubby went to make the payment. Only 1 parent is allowed in the treatment room. They took some blood sample from Hao. And then he was sent for the x-ray.

The x-ray showed that his right thigh was having fracture. We were all shock. There were no falling accidents ever happen at home, and I did not hear any from the babysitter too. So how is Hao get the fractured bone?

According to the doctors, the fracture had been happened about 1-2 weeks ago, as the new bone has grown. As to we cannot explained how he got the fractured bone, they suspected NAI (Non-accident injury) and wanted Zhe Hao to be admitted for further investigation.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

If I have a chance to go back...

If I have a chance to go back,

  • will I still go to the same company to work?
  • will I still meeting same people?
  • will I still want to get married?
  • will I marry to the same man?
  • will I still want to have my own children?
  • will I still want to have more than 1 child?
  • will I still make the same decision?

What will be my life if

  • I go to different company to work?
  • I did not get married?
  • I married to a different man?
  • I do not give birth?

I think no matter how, there will always be time where we are not happy, and we cannot escape to have no regrets in our life. Just like stock market, life is full of ups and downs. There are happy moments, sad moments, there are meants to have disappointment, regrets, dissatisfaction. We have to learn to deal with all these emotions throughout our whole life.


When Lynn was still a baby, she got prolonged jaundice until she was about 4 months old (if I remember correctly). She had gone through the photo-theraphy twice within first month of age, and even had taken the ultrasound for her liver. During that period, she had gone through numerous blood test (until it leaves a mark on her hand!) and were given multivitamin and iron supplement for it. Each time I take her to the hospital, I feel so sorry for her that she had to undergo all these despite she was just a few months old baby. She also gone through the audio test to make sure her hearing has not been affected by the high bilirubin level during the first month of life. One good thing about government hospital is they make sure the baby is healthy before they stop seeing you.

After first experience with Lynn on the jaundice, I give extra care to Zhe Hao to make sure same mistaken would not repeat twice (Lynn had to go through the photo-theraphy during first week of life is due to underfeeding. She just refused to wake up for milk.) Zhe Hao on the other hand eat mor than his sister. In fact, towards the end of the confinement month, he had increased his milk intake tremendously - almost every hour he will demand for milk until I become so tired and so scare of nursing him. However Hao still cannot run away from not having jaundice.

We first notice the yellow towards the end of first week. Then it subsided about more than 1 week later. However in the beginning of the 4th week, we noticed the yellow come back again. I started to worry and wonder why. Zhe Hao had been eating well, sleeping well, and had enough wet diapers for the day. His stool was normal, he was active and healthy. And he got good weight gain. So that make me less worry. After 1 month, I took him to the clinic. There the nurse and doctor advised me to take him to the hospital to check for the jaundice. Following their advice, I brought Hao back to HUKM. To avoid long wait at the emergency, I was being directed to go to the HUKM Premier Clinic in Taman Tasik Selatan. As usual, blood test as well as urine test must be taken. Hao is diagnosed with prolonged jaundice. However the bilirubin level is not high enough for him to go through the photo-theraphy (phew!) but he is still under the observation of the doctor for the prolonged jaundice. Another blood test was taken on that day and another urine sample needed too (due to the last results show that the urine sample had been contaminated).

The second blood test results show some improve on the bilirubin level, but there are 2 readings from the liver panel that are not good. This time the doctor from the HUKM Premier Clinic refers us back to the HUKM Paediatric Clinic.

Hao took his 3rd blood test during the subsequent appointment in HUKM on August 13. Again, the same 2 readings from the livel panel still not good. No further test recommended at the moment. The next appointment is one month later on Sept 10 where another blood test will be taken during that day before seeing the doctor. I do hope Hao is fine and does not need to go through what his sister had gone through.

I have read that if the baby are breastfed, and the baby is active and healthy, having prolonged jaundice for few months is normal and give no harm to the brain. I'm glad that Hao is a fully breastfed baby. Once I was thinking of giving up breastfeeding him as he is eating too much, too frequent and make me so tiring. Luckily I did not stop at that point. Now with the jaundice, it makes me more determine to continue breastfeeding.

Hao at 6 weeks old: -
Weight: 5.8kg (birth: 3.67kg, 1 month: 5.1kg)

Height: 61cm (birth: 52.5cm, 1 month: 58cm)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lynn become a baby

After the birth of the baby boy, Lynn has been observing how we are taking care of the baby. Example she saw that her little brother is wearing diaper, she has requested to wear diaper too during the day even though she is already potty train. At times, she even pee on the floor (too late to go to potty) or sometimes she even pass motion on her pant. Of course after few times I'll become crazy and mad at her, for giving me extra work to clean her up while I'm already not having enough time for everything.

She also has almost become a cry baby too. She won't get jealous to her little brother, but she becomes more demanding for our attention on her. She will cry for very little thing, example want us to get her the water bottle even though it's just less than a feet away from her, want me to feed her the milk like the way I hold Hao when nursing him etc. And she become very demanding when only me, Hao and her at home. She will be more good girl with her papa around (she's more scare to her papa but not me even though I never pamper her). I think it's very true that people always said "the children are always bully the mother".

However there is one thing I'm happy about is - finally Lynn can sleep without my accompaniment. Yay!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hao - 1 month old

We celebrated Zhe Hao's fullmoon celebration on July 27, 2008 (Sunday). There is no party inviting friends, just a dinner with all family members on both side. For those relatives and friends who come visiting during the confinement month, we gave them the pre-ordered fullmoon package from the fullmoon specialty shop as a token of thanks and appreciation.

This time, I feel the confinement month as if very short. I will definitely miss the time with the confinement lady around as I can have as much of rest as I want, without worrying about taking care of the 2 kids. We gave a big ang pow to the confinement lady (even though I'm not too happy with the food that she cooks) for her excellent service (taking care of our food, laundry, clean the house and help take care of Lynn too) during the month.

Oh yes, forgot to include this earlier: -
Weight: 5.1kg (birth weight 3.67kg)
Height: 58cm (at birth 52.5cm)

Taking care 2 kids

It has been almost a month since I last blog. Well, I think you should have guessed it. The confinement lady left after baby fullmoon, so now I have to take care 2 kids by myself when hubby is off to work. Really does not have much time for myself until both kids have slept at night. I need to bathe both kids, nurse the baby, prepare food for Lynn, do the laundery, food for myself etc. Don't even have much time to rest also. Sometimes after nursing Hao, time to prepare food for Lynn. After settle down Lynn, time to nurse Hao again. Sometimes I don't even manage to cook a proper lunch or dinner for myself. Very difficult to have a fixed time for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not to mention the lunch/dinner can take up to more than 1 hour, just because baby crying during the meal. By the time both kids have slept at night, I will become so tired and sleepy already. Feel like becoming a superwomen. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Waaaa!!!! I want milk!!!

Since few days back, if you pass through my house, you will hear a lots of "Waaaa..........." - baby crying sounds. Why? Almost every hour, Little Zhe Hao will wake up crying for milk. And then each time after passing motion, he will ask for milk also. When he cannot sleep, he asks for milk also, even during night time. I feel so tiring, just to feed him.

I have heard that baby boy eat more. I think this is true. Moreover Zhe Hao is slightly on the big size, so he needs more milk too. And recently, he likes to pull and tear towards the end of the feed. Even thought I have been putting on the cream, but still cannot escape for not having a sore nipple. Each time feeding him, is a pain to me. *sob sob....*

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sleeping with mommy

I think it is quite common that children always sleep with the mommy, instead with the daddy. When Lynn was still a baby, she would like to be breastfed to sleep. It's like her habit, must suck to sleep. If mommy was not around, she will suck her own thumb to sleep. Till now Lynn is already 2 years old, we still find it very hard to get rid of her thumb sucking habit. Due to this, whenever the mommy at home, Lynn sure want to sleep with the mommy. Daddy has no way able to get her to bed, unless mommy is not around.

After I stop breastfeeding Lynn, she still want me to accompany her to bed. I have to sleep next to her on the same bed, until she has fallen asleep. Then only I can leave the room and do my own things. I have tried to let her sleep by herself, but she will just cry or refuse to go to bed unless I go to bed with her. During the late pregnancy, my stomach was so big that I feel it is difficult for me to get up from the floor (Lynn is sleeping with us on the same room, but on her own single size mattress on the floor next to our bed), so I told her that mommy cannot sleep together with her. She compromise for few days, then she will start making noise and request me to sleep together with her on her mattress. I have been trying so hard to make her understand that she has grown up, she needs to learn to sleep by herself and not with mommy all the time. I guess she still a bit young to understand this. *sigh*

After deliver Hao, my perineum muscle was so pain that I can hardly move around. Definitely I will not sleep with Lynn on her mattress on the floor. As expected, she compromised for few days and then started making noise again. However we insisted that mommy cannot sleep with her. Getting her to bed was so difficult as we had to spend time explaining, comforting her and pursuit her to sleep. Now after 3 weeks, she never ask me to sleep with her on her mattress anymore (I hope she will not ask for it anymore. :p) but she will still insist me sleep with her at the same time. So it will be like she sleep on her own mattress on the floor, while I sleep on my own bed 'together' with her. Every night, I have to spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour to get her to bed, before I can continue complete other things.

I really wish that very soon one day, she can sleep by herself. Looking forward for the day to come. :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Zhe Hao - Day 23

Wow, time flies. So fast Zhe Hao is already 23 days old. Which also means that the confinement month will come to the end soon. :) I still remember the last confinement when I delivered Lynn, the time past so slow. However this time seems like very soon the confinement month will be over. :)

Even though we don't weight him, but we know that Zhe Hao has gained weight already. See, his face become much rounder now. And becoming more chubby too! I think he become longer too. I still remember how tiny Lynn was during her first month, compared to Zhe Hao. A bit worry Zhe Hao will outgrow those old clothes from Lynn very soon.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Soy Milk or Cow Milk?

Just now when my SIL come visiting, we talked about milk powder. The price of the milk powder has been increased tremendously since end of last year. The price has been increased few times and last month I heard there will be another round of increment also. Not sure if this has already incurred.

Lynn was fully breastfed until she was 10 months old. Since then, she was taking Nestle Naan 2. However her babysitter complained she has too many loose stools and not gaining wei
ght. So I have switched her to Isomil till now. Now she is 2 years old already, and with the high price of the milk powder, I'm actually thinking maybe switch her back to a cheaper cow milk brand. 1st brand that pop into my mind is Dumex (hehe, don't ask me why is Dumex). I think I will do some research before deciding what to give her.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Government hospital

Many people are sceptical about going to government hospital. As for me, I delivered both Lynn and Hao in the government hospital nearby my house - HUKM. Choosing HUKM firstly is because it is near my house, less than 30 minutes away, and the traffic going to the hospital is not heavy, compared to other parts of Cheras. I would not like to stuck in the jam on the way to hospital, worrying that I may not get it there on time to deliver the baby due to the traffic jam.

I'm not sure if I'm considered lucky or not. In both deliveries, I was having pleasant experience with all people from the O&G unit of the hospital. The doctors and the nurses are friendly and helpful.

For Lynn, she was admitted twice due to jaundice. Each time they needed to take some blood to get the bilirubin reading. I remembered few times the blood was taken by some newbie doctor or trainee, where they are not experienced in taking the blood. Lynn was crying non-stop and loudly throughout the whole process and I fell so sorry for that. Luckily only 2-3 occasions and not all the time. Other time, there were some students around and we were being asked lots of questions about Lynn.

Due to her very high reading in the bilirubin level, she was given an appointment on ear test on her hearing when she was being discharged the second time. This is to ensure the high bilirubin did not affect her hearing. And we just need to pay very minimum amount for it. Well, I don't think if I sent her to the private hospital, we will getting this kind of treatment, or even if we did, it may be very costly.

Lynn's jaundice did not go away even after her full moon. She was then diagnosed with prolong jaundice and the hospital even performed an ultra-sound on her liver, to make sure her liver is not abnormal. And every 2 weeks, I was required to take Lynn back to hospital, to check her bilirubin reading, to make sure it was decreasing. They did all kind of test, to make sure she is healthy. So how can I say government hospital is not good?

For the second delivery, I needed to take the venofer. I was told that venofer treatment is not available in all hospital. And I believe if I go to the private hospital, it will be costly. However I just need to pay RM5 for each visit, and RM10 for the medication. Where else can I get this?

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