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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hao @ 4th months check up

Brought Hao for his scheduled 4th month check-up this morning. In fact, he's approaching 4.5 months now. For Hao, we are taking him to the government clinic (Klinik Ibu mengandung dan Kanak-kanak) for his jap. This is my first experience with the government clinic though we have been visiting government hospital all the while (Hao next scheduled check-up with HUKM is end of next month).

As usual, you have to expect long wait in the government clinic. In order to be able to get there earlier, I stayed overnight at my parent's house the night before as it is nearer to the clinic. So hubby was alone at home last night. (Well, as long as he got his PC with Internet access, he won't be boring being alone at home. :p)

I was anxious to know what is Hao's current weight. He has not been putting on weight during his last month check-up. After knowing that he has put on about 1kg this month, I feel relief. The new babysitter is still not very used to fully b/fed baby yet. She always very nervous when approaching milk time. She said 10 mins before the milk time, Hao will start screaming already. it has been several times that she has asked me when do I plan to stop b/feeding. Well I have to admit that the supply can hardly match with the demand nowadays. However I still have not thought of stopping yet. I still remember last time right after I stop b/feeding Lynn, she started to fall sick. Just 2 more months after Hao started on the semi-solids, the b/feeding part will be become easier. So I just have to hang on for a while more.

Hao @ 4.5 months
Weight: 7.1kg
Height: 67.5cm

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Mummy to QiQi said...

Hao is definitely much bigger than my boys now. Now they so sick, sigh...wonder if they ever gain weight with my bm :(

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