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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lynn's progress in Child care

It has been one month since Lynn started going to the child care center. Early last week, Lynn was not feeling well. She had some mild fever on Sunday night. So on Monday, I called up the child care to make sure if she's alright. And had a short conversation with teacher Stacy there over the phone to find out more about Lynn. Here are the findings: -

  • She did not cry for papa or mama (thumb up for this. :P)
  • She will go to the toilet herself when she needs to pass motion
  • She uses the toilet instead of potty (at home, she's using the potty)
  • She drinks very little water (oh girl, you need to drink more water)
  • She does not talk to the teachers there (I wonder why)
  • She talks to other children in Mandarin (the medium used in the child care is English)
  • She will follow the teacher's instructions according to her mood (as expected)
  • Accidents of wetting the bed when taking afternoon nap had happened quite a number of times (strange this does not happen at home during the weekend though). So the teacher will take her to the toilet in the middle of the nap

It is interesting and surprise to me that Lynn does not talk to the teachers there. Lynn is a sociable child since she was a baby. So is that means she did not ask or demand for anything? At home, she always ask for biscuit, candies etc. And even if Lynn does not talk in English in the child care center, we do notice that Lynn uses more English words when talking to us (we are trying to talk solely in English to her too). Just like yesterday morning, she started to talk in sentence to us "Di Di go home".

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