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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another milestone achieved

This is a backdated post.

Date: 24 November 2008

As usual, I went to pick up Zhe Hao after work. However this week will be exceptional early as we have to pick up Lynn from the child care center too. Usually it's my father to go pick up Lynn on his way back home from work. But this week my parents have gone for holiday, so we have to pick up Lynn ourselves.

Usually there is no parking space available at the babysitter's house, so we do not normally stop by for long. Just pick up the boy and then we will leave. But since I was early, I had to wait for the babysitter to change Hao into his pyjamas. The babysitter told me that Hao now can hold the milk bottle by himself. What? Did I hear it wrongly? Zhe Hao can hold milk bottle by himself approaching 5 months old?! Wuahahaha... though I have guessed that for quite a while (Hao used to put his hand on my chest while I feed him in lying down position, just like the position of holding milk bottle) but I never expect he really did it. Well done, Hao!

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