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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pan-Asian Buffet Dinner at Atrium Cafe, Pyramid Tower Hotel

 It was my dad's birthday last week. I make this Peanut Butter Torte for him. Wanted to add some strawberry as toppings but my mom said no need. The peanut crush is good enough. :)

The rich and creamy filling is made from peanut butter, cream cheese, beaten heavy cream (to lighten the texture to become like mousse), with chopped peanut and chocolate chips. The crust is made from Oreo biscuit crumbs. With simple Chocolate Ganache as toppings sprinkle with chopped peanut. Just the ingredients itself costs more than RM50. But more important, everyone enjoy eating it very much. It's simply delicious. :)

Besides getting a birthday cake for the birthday boy/girl, our usual way of celebrating the birthday is to go out and have a family meal together. Both me and my brother were running out of idea where to eat. So happen I saw this promotion from Facebook, and after checking with my brother we decided to go there to celebrate my dad's birthday. Besides the promotional price for the adults, the children get to eat for free for each paying adults. It's a very good deal for altogether 10 of us (6 adults and 4 children).

The two little one.... I like to see Lynn's hair in ponytail bunches. :) 

I like to environment of the restaurant. Very spacious. Not sure is it due to the promotion, most of the tables were reserved and later the restaurant was quite full when the crowd started to fill up the tables. So if you intend to go there before the promotion end, better make prior reservation before you go there.

Various selections for the salads and appetizers.They are very delicious!

 Breads and soup...

"Lok lok" steam boat!

Serving Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western style food

Various food stalls were setup on the other side of the hall. Penang style fried keow teow; Japanese sushi and shashimi, Chinese roast chicken/ roast duck rice; Satay; Thai salads etc. 

 Deserts and local kuih muih. 

Fruits, ice kacang and ice cream. 

The food is actually not that bad. Fresh prawn and fish. We quite enjoy the food. The services given by the waiters were excellent! They came to collect the empty plate promptly; refill our water without being asked; and even after we have finished reading, they will come ask if we would like to have our coffee and tea refilled. I think it worth to try out the food during the promotional period. But if it's the normal price RM90 per person for a buffet dinner, I think we have lots of other choices available. I probably will go for fine dining. :)

Overall, it's an enjoyable dining experience for us at Atrium Cafe, Pyramid Tower Hotel. If I was asked to give a rating, I would rate it 7 out of 10.

NOTE: This is not a paid post. This is solely my personal experience dining in this restaurant and it may not represent the truth.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Unforgettable Birthday

Last Thursday it was hb's birthday. Usually it's just another normal day for us, as we very much stick to our routine. Nonetheless, I intended to bake a cake for hb as surprise. (Later I found out that hb actually knew I was going to bake a cake for him, as he saw the eggs and butter that I put out on the table.) As I did not really have the chance to bake something fancy for him. So I just baked an orange cake and simply decorated with some Kiss me chocolate than any toppings. In the morning, I get the kids to carry the cake to him and we sang the Happy birthday song while he was still getting ready to work. :D

In the evening, after picking up the kids, I called hb to check if it's possible for him to have dinner together with us. I was so happy hb said he would leave the office earlier so that we could eat together. I even suggested to go the new Korean restaurant opened not too long ago near the shops in our neighborhood. So I was driving home with the kids as usual. I even told them papa was going to have dinner with us together.

Just few km before reaching the home, while I was approaching the traffic light, I saw it was turning yellow from far and obviously I started to slow down the car preparing for the car to stop for the red light. I was still some distant away and by the time I reach the there it would turn red. And I was right, the traffic light turn to red before I stopped my car totally. And naturally I watched to the car behind from the mirror. I saw it was coming to me quite fast and thus I released the brake to go before the white line, to give more space for it to stop. But unfortunately, it could not stop in time. I heard a loud "bang" along with some broken glass sound. The damage to my car? I let the pictures do the talking....

And what happened to the car that hit me?

The lady driver is around 40 I think. She told me she was on the way to pick up her children from tuition. She claimed that the brake of her car was not working accordingly and thus the car hit into my car. I actually did not quite believe her. There are 3 traffic lights within about 500m of that stretch of the road. And the road is going downhill, where the traffic light that my car get hit was at the bottom of the slope. How could she manage to stop at the other 2 traffic lights but not the last one? My guess was she was not paying attention, whether talking on the phone or whatever. Or she thought I was going to drive through the red light? Though we were already within the housing areas, but that road is a very busy road. Roads from the neighborhood are connected to this road. 

Anyway, whatever happened is already happen. I'm just glad that all of us are not hurt. Kids are not shocked too. The car has done a good job on absorbing all the impact. In fact, my car was jerked to few meters away but luckily not far enough to hit the car from the opposite direction that was turning into the other road. All of us had our safety belt fasten even though the kids were sitting at the back. Yup we enforce the kids to always fasten the seat belt all the time. Without the seat belt, it could be possible that the kids might hit the back of the driver and passenger's seats when my car got hit. And I'm also glad that I was not driving some small car like Kancil or Kelisa. With such bad damage, I could not imagine what will happen to the kids who were sitting at the back of a Kancil or Kelisa when this happen. Will blog about the part on making police report on a separate post.

Btw after the accident, we had no mood to go eat something nice to celebrate hb's birthday already. But we still manage to have dinner together.

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