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Friday, February 27, 2009

My favourite pictures of Lynn


Lynn was about 17 months when this photo was taken. She was the flower girl for her babysitter's youngest daughter wedding.


This was taken on Lynn's 2 years old birthday. I like her smile on this picture. She was so happy. I even print this out and frame it and place it near the living room, so I can see it everyday. Happy


This was taken using my hand phone. Lynn wanted to come take the hand phone from me. Big Grin

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Almost blame the wrong people

The Internet service at home has been down for more than one week. Each time when there is heavy rain, the Internet service most probably will get affected. So after a heavy rain last week, the Internet service was out again. The modem show no signal of the ADSL. We waited for one day (sometimes it gets OK on the following day) still not working before we call TM to lodge a complain. They called up the following day, asking if the Internet service had been fixed. We tried after reaching home, still no signal of the ADSL shown in the modem. We called TM again to tell them the results.

We tried almost every day after coming home from work. Everyday we get disappointed. I was so frustrated that I told hubby, this time we should ask for rebate. It was already one week without the Internet service. What for am I paying for something that I could not use? I was so angry and disappointed with their service and responsiveness.

Yesterday, hubby borrowed a modem from colleague (he got a spare modem) to check if it was our modem giving problem. After fixing the modem from colleague, hey the ADSL signal is on! So means our modem is the one giving problem! After TM had fixed the Internet service, apparently we could not verify it using the faulty modem. We almost wanted to email to TM for complaining for the poor service. Luckily they had changed email address so the email did not get through. Big Grin

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brewers yeast flakes




Went to an organic shop to buy the fenugreek last month. After knowing that I'm taking fenugreek to stimulate more breast milk, she recommended me taking the brewers yeast flakes. As it is not too expensive (around RM15 for one tin as shown above), I agreed to give it a try.

She told me to take it 3 times a day, one tablespoon each time. However I don't quite like the taste and the smell of the yeast. So I just add 1 teaspoon each, twice a day (I'll be having 2 cups of hot drink - in the morning and after lunch at work). The results? Quite effective actually. Can notice some increase in the milk supply. Happy

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Poor Hao has got the Roseola


Hao: Aww... when the red rashes on my handsome face will go away?

Hao got fever last Saturday evening. We were in Port Dickson for a short CNY trip at that time. Since I did not bring any fever medicine with me, we came back to KL right after the dinner. I would not want to take any risk in case the fever shoot up in the middle of the night. And I think I made the right choice of cut short of trip.

Good thing I always have a bottle of fever medicine on standby at home. The fever come and goes until Monday. Then it came back again in the evening and finally no more fever on Tuesday.  So I thought he will be alright.

On Wednesday morning, when I was breastfeeding him, I noticed many red spots all over his face. Cannot be such many mosquito bites. Immediately I suspect he got the Roseola. Lynn was contacted with Roseola when she was about 9-10 months old too. It's the same symptoms - several days of high fever, followed by a distinctive rash just as the fever breaks.

We took him to the doctor and confirmed it's Roseola. Doctor gave some lotions to apply to his body and another medicine for the allergy and itchiness. The rash will last for few days. Due to this, I have to cancelled the CNY visiting to one of my primary schoolmate house this Saturday. More important is Hao get well soon.

Hao @ 7 months


Hao in his happy smiling face

Started Hao with baby cereal with he was 6 months old. So far after 2-3 weeks of feeding, Hao started not showing interest in taking the cereal anymore. Instead of open his mouth wide for the food, he started to use his tongue to push out the food, keeping his mouth closed etc. So I have to keep trying to figure out his taste and his preference.

Started feeding him with the porridge during the CNY. So far so good. He was able to finish up to half bowl of the porridge. I noticed that he preferred the more watery type of the porridge.

No change on his milk intake. Still the same amount every 2 hours. In fact the babysitter said nowadays Hao took longer time to finish the milk.

Other than able to crawl, Hao still not able to sit unaided by himself yet though he prefers to sit rather than lying down. During bathing, he no longer splashing the water with his hands and kicking with his legs. Instead both his hands will grab at both sides of the baby bath tub tightly, as if he will fall down at anytime. He still like jumping and dancing at your laps whenever we hold him in upright position. He can move around with the walker and like to reach out for things to grab. However he would not like to sit long time in the walker. After about 20 minutes, he will start to make noise requested to be picked up. His stranger anxiety level still unpredictable. Sometimes he is OK with new people around and sometimes he will not and show the crying face.

As for his weight, as expected not gaining much. However I think as long as he is healthy, eat well, sleep well and grow well, I think the weight gain should not be an issue.

Weight: 8kg

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

CNY gift - Crawl

Date: 27 January 2009

On the 2nd day of the CNY, we went back visiting my parents. During dinner time, I put Hao on the floor. If he's not hungry or looking for me, normally he is OK to play by himself. So we can enjoy our dinner. After the dinner, I was sitting down on the floor together with Hao. Suddenly something catch his eyes and I saw that he was attempting to crawl towards the object that caught his attention and grabbed it. Normally instead of moving forward, he will eventually push himself backwards and thus become further from his target. However this time, to my surprise I saw that he was really lifting his leg up,  placed it in front, and pushing his body to move forward instead of backward. I was so happy and glad that I witnessed his very first successful attempt of crawling. (Last time Lynn first crawl in the babysitter house while we were at work. So we did not manage to witness her first successful attempt to crawl.) It was just 2 more days away for Hao to turn 7 months old. Smile

Those of you who has been reading my blog, will know that Hao had a fractured femur when he was 2 months old. No medical treatment was being given to him, as he was still a baby. The doctors believe babies have very strong self healing power. So eventually Hao will be alright. For the past 5 months, Hao had been going back to the hospital for the follow-up appointment, to check the progress of the fractured femur. From the last x-ray taken at early January, showing that fractured bone was fully recovered and Hao does not need to go back to the hospital anymore. With his first successful attempt to crawl, I feel relief to see his growth is normal despite the fractured femur about half year ago. Cheers! Open-mouthed

CNY 2009


The Happy family portrait

CNY 2006 - First CNY for both me and hubby after getting married. First year giving ang pow. Lynn was still inside my stomach.

CNY 2007 - CNY for 3 of us - me, hubby and the added new family member - Lynn.

CNY 2008 -  CNY for 3 and 'half' of us - me, hubby, Lynn and Hao who was still inside my stomach. :p

CNY 2009 - CNY for 4 of us - me, hubby, Lynn and the added new family member - Hao.

This year CNY has different feeling and different meaning to me, compared to the previous CNY. I feel exceptional happier, feeling blessed with the 2 kids (a pair of girl and boy), and a lovely husband. So what can I ask for more. :)


From the left: Lynn, Howard (Lynn's cousin) and Hao

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