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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Almost blame the wrong people

The Internet service at home has been down for more than one week. Each time when there is heavy rain, the Internet service most probably will get affected. So after a heavy rain last week, the Internet service was out again. The modem show no signal of the ADSL. We waited for one day (sometimes it gets OK on the following day) still not working before we call TM to lodge a complain. They called up the following day, asking if the Internet service had been fixed. We tried after reaching home, still no signal of the ADSL shown in the modem. We called TM again to tell them the results.

We tried almost every day after coming home from work. Everyday we get disappointed. I was so frustrated that I told hubby, this time we should ask for rebate. It was already one week without the Internet service. What for am I paying for something that I could not use? I was so angry and disappointed with their service and responsiveness.

Yesterday, hubby borrowed a modem from colleague (he got a spare modem) to check if it was our modem giving problem. After fixing the modem from colleague, hey the ADSL signal is on! So means our modem is the one giving problem! After TM had fixed the Internet service, apparently we could not verify it using the faulty modem. We almost wanted to email to TM for complaining for the poor service. Luckily they had changed email address so the email did not get through. Big Grin

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reanaclaire said...

when i read thru this post, it sounded so much like me..haha.. i really dread coming home without internet connection..not only home, even in office as well..if there is no online connection, my day will be like a zombie.. like working and walking aimlessly without life.. (kwa cheong?) that is how i feel.. :)

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