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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

CNY gift - Crawl

Date: 27 January 2009

On the 2nd day of the CNY, we went back visiting my parents. During dinner time, I put Hao on the floor. If he's not hungry or looking for me, normally he is OK to play by himself. So we can enjoy our dinner. After the dinner, I was sitting down on the floor together with Hao. Suddenly something catch his eyes and I saw that he was attempting to crawl towards the object that caught his attention and grabbed it. Normally instead of moving forward, he will eventually push himself backwards and thus become further from his target. However this time, to my surprise I saw that he was really lifting his leg up,  placed it in front, and pushing his body to move forward instead of backward. I was so happy and glad that I witnessed his very first successful attempt of crawling. (Last time Lynn first crawl in the babysitter house while we were at work. So we did not manage to witness her first successful attempt to crawl.) It was just 2 more days away for Hao to turn 7 months old. Smile

Those of you who has been reading my blog, will know that Hao had a fractured femur when he was 2 months old. No medical treatment was being given to him, as he was still a baby. The doctors believe babies have very strong self healing power. So eventually Hao will be alright. For the past 5 months, Hao had been going back to the hospital for the follow-up appointment, to check the progress of the fractured femur. From the last x-ray taken at early January, showing that fractured bone was fully recovered and Hao does not need to go back to the hospital anymore. With his first successful attempt to crawl, I feel relief to see his growth is normal despite the fractured femur about half year ago. Cheers! Open-mouthed

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