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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hao @ 7 months


Hao in his happy smiling face

Started Hao with baby cereal with he was 6 months old. So far after 2-3 weeks of feeding, Hao started not showing interest in taking the cereal anymore. Instead of open his mouth wide for the food, he started to use his tongue to push out the food, keeping his mouth closed etc. So I have to keep trying to figure out his taste and his preference.

Started feeding him with the porridge during the CNY. So far so good. He was able to finish up to half bowl of the porridge. I noticed that he preferred the more watery type of the porridge.

No change on his milk intake. Still the same amount every 2 hours. In fact the babysitter said nowadays Hao took longer time to finish the milk.

Other than able to crawl, Hao still not able to sit unaided by himself yet though he prefers to sit rather than lying down. During bathing, he no longer splashing the water with his hands and kicking with his legs. Instead both his hands will grab at both sides of the baby bath tub tightly, as if he will fall down at anytime. He still like jumping and dancing at your laps whenever we hold him in upright position. He can move around with the walker and like to reach out for things to grab. However he would not like to sit long time in the walker. After about 20 minutes, he will start to make noise requested to be picked up. His stranger anxiety level still unpredictable. Sometimes he is OK with new people around and sometimes he will not and show the crying face.

As for his weight, as expected not gaining much. However I think as long as he is healthy, eat well, sleep well and grow well, I think the weight gain should not be an issue.

Weight: 8kg


smallkucing said...

handsome boy in this baju :)

cheeyee said...

Smallkucing - Hehe thanks. :)

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