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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Sweet Birthday

Today seems just like another ordinary day for me. Morning took some time off to take Zhe Hao for his scheduled check-up. Then go to work after that. As usual, work is busy. Discussions, meetings etc. filling up the days.

Something unexpected coming up in the afternoon. Hubby bought me a piece of birthday cake! Well he's not the very romantic kind to me (but at times he will do something which surprise me too). He's so sweet! Suddenly all the work pressure, date line, tasks have been put aside. Enjoying the sweet moment I seldom get.

This is probably the sweetest birthday I ever had. :)

Well, it's another working late day. We only get to eat the cake at night as our dinner. ^_^


Daddy said...

So sweet of him. Bravo. Bravo. He is doing us (man) proud!

Kit76 said...

Well... erm... ah I can't help it. Cheeyee is so sweet and supportive all the time. We're so close to each other.

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