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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Developing comfort sucking

Recently I have to spend more and more time nursing Hao. From half an hour, to one hour and sometimes even more than 1 hour! Especially towards the end of the day. I noticed Hao has started developing comfort sucking habit.

When Lynn was still a baby, she can't sleep without me. She started comfort sucking to sleep since she was born. Most of the time gone due to this. And she had developing a habit must sleep with me. Else she can't sleep. I have spent lots of effort to make her to able to sleep without me around. In the past, when I was not around, she will cry looking for me. And eventually fall asleep getting tired after crying. I certainly would not like this to happen to Hao. This will make hubby getting headache to get the kids to bed if I'm not around. Hao does not seems to be too attach to me yet to be able to fall asleep so I certainly would not want him to have to comfort sucking habit to


Daddy said...

We don't have this problem as we have been using the bottle to feed the expressed breast milk to Ryan since he could not suck directly from day one. From I can understand, it can be very very tiring leh once they develop the comfort sucking habit. Can't provide much input. Interesting to hear comments from other experienced mommies.

cheeyee said...

It's time consuming for the mommy as you cant do much of other things else. Imagine I can only bathe at close to 12am almost every weekdays after getting him to bed!

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