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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Extracting orange juice?

Everyday during lunch and after office hours, I will need to do my daily 'homework' - to express milk for the boy. Most of the colleague in the office know that I'm breastfeeding the baby. Few days back as usual, after finishing the 'homework' I was cleaning the breast pump in the office pantry. Before the office was relocated, I used to do it in the Ladies toilet. We used to have our own toilet just for the staffs here. There are cleaners come to wash the toilet every morning so it was well kept. However after we have relocated to new place, we no longer have our own 'private' toilet anymore. We have to share the public toilet with another company on the same floor.

So while I was still cleaning up the breast pump, a male colleague bumped into me. He saw me do the washing and asked me what is the thing.

He: Hey, what is that for? Making tea?
Me: Err... nope.
He: Extracting orange juice?
Me: Hehe... no lar. *laughing at him* (I actually can't help myself from not laughing after hearing this. Lol)
He: Oh.
Me: Err... this is actually for the milk for my boy. hehehe

Apparently he never see a breast pump before and he thought we should be using electrical one. Well, he's a married man but no kids yet. :)


De'Little Ones said...

This must be Caine, right?

cheeyee said...

Haha... no la. It's someone that I seldome bump into in the pantry - Liang. :)

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