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Friday, October 31, 2008

Roll over

Finally Hao able to roll over his whole body on the day he turns 4 months old! I told myself that I'm going to mark down this memorable date. I did not mark down a lots of Lynn's milestone in the past. Then I regret that I did not note down all those memorable date. All just in my mind but I have limited memory too and it will fade away when the time pass. I can vaguely remember Lynn able to roll over when she was 4 months old too. Now with this blog, I can note down the kid's milestone and achievements easily. :)

Before Hao's leg was injured, he likes to sleep lying on his tummy. Ever since his fractured leg, I did not put him lying on his tummy as the position is not so good for the leg. Recently when I tried to put him to lie on tummy, he will complain about it. Hehe however now after he can roll over, he always roll himself to sleep either side way, or fully roll over his body to sleep on his tummy.

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Daddy said...

HI Chee Yee. Wow. Your baby rolled over when he is only 4 months. Ryan just rolled over successfully yesterday morning which reminds me to add this into my blog. And he is 5 months old. Way to go....

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