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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stress, stress, stress

Recently I'm having so much stress. Stress from work and stress from home. I had lost 3-4kg within 1.5 months since I went back to work about 2 months back.

At work, we all are working without days and nights to get things done before the dateline. Some of us even had to come back to work one full day on Saturday for the past one month. I'm glad that I still can enjoy rest day on Saturday. However we do work until very late, around 10pm. On one Friday, we even worked until 3am in the morning! Well, the dateline had past however the boss is not very happy with the results. We need to put in more effort to get it done. So there will be more late nights next week. Being a team leader I even need to face more stress from the boss as well as the top management team.

As for the kids, due to the unavailability of the previous babysitter, despite the busy work schedule I had to squeeze some time to look for a new babysitter for them. It was not easy at all due to the fact that both me and hubby are working late. So we need someone to take care them at least until around 9pm. It was so difficult to get someone who is willing to take care kids till so late. Most people requested to pick up the kids around 7pm.

Finally I manage to find someone who is willing to take care the kids, with some extra charges. The market price here for one child is RM600. I top up additional RM100 for late pick up. This lady is staying near my parents house, not somewhere near my living area. However I don't have much choice as I could not get any babysitter nearby my area to take care the kids. (There was another lady staying near the work place area, charging additional RM150 for late pick up. And later another Rm100 for the porridge when Hao turns 6 months old later. Moreover she is intending to take care more than one kid at the same time. I think this is over charging.) As for Lynn, she will be going to the child care. I will write another post on this.

Stress at work and the worries about the new arrangement of the kids leave some impact to the milk supply. Some of the days the supply will be low that could not meet the daily demand of the boy. So this add another stress to me. I do have some extra milk storage in the freezer, but I do worry about not producing enough for the boy during the days will decrease the supply over a period of time which cause me could not fully breastfeeding him very soon. Sometimes during the weekend, especially on Sunday towards the end of the day, I can feel that the supply had gone low and Hao is not having enough. I had no choice but to continue taking the domperidone in order to maintain the milk supply. Next week I need to increase Hao's serving per feed and this definitely will add more stress on my body in order to produce more milk for him.

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