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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Demand > Supply *cry*

Hao is more than 3 months old now. When I put him with the previous babysitter when he was 1.5 months old, I started him with 90ml for every 2 hours. It looks a lot for a baby taking breast milk but I found that only taking this much then can last him for 2 hours. So we have been sticking to this until recently. The new babysitter has been complaining the boy is not having enough milk. So I increased the feeding to 100ml for every 2 hours. When my mom called up Dr Koh to check how much milk should Hao been taking, I was a bit surprised to find out that she thinks 90ml every 2 hours is way too much for him. She said it should be a 3 hourly feeding. She suggested if we increase the milk to 100ml, make it 3 hours. I don't think 100ml can last the boy for 3 hours. So I continue him with the 2 hourly feeding and 100ml.

Just one week, the babysitter complained to me the boy is not having enough again. He will cry when she try to take the milk bottle from him after he has finished drinking all milk. Oh alamak, how can be not enough? And I think increase the milk again is not a good idea. Due to the working late nights, my supply had been greatly affected. Even though stay in the office much longer hours, however I couldn't find any extra time to express one more time. So the supply has become lower. During the weekends when I breastfeed him directly, I noticed that his feeding time had been increasing, and still having both eyes widely open after the feeding. Which means that very likely he's not full enough and I have no more for him! This is so stressful that besides feeling stress about work, every time when I will calculate that whether it is enough for the day or not. For almost the whole week, the expressed milk is one feeding less than the expressed milk I pass to the babysitter in the morning. Argh this is real bad. I have no choice but to increase the dosage of the domperidone. Hopefully this will help.


Mummy to QiQi said...

it is really not easy for working mum to exclusively breastfeed their baby. i have been thru it, i know. take more dahl when u eat roti canai. i usually eat this to increase my bm.

cheeyee said...

Oh really? Thanks for sharing the info. Will try. Have been visiting the mamak almost every week for dinner. :)

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