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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What kind of service is this?

In the past almost 3 weeks, my house phone was not working properly. My mom was complaining whenever she called the house phone, it was engaged. When I pick up the phone, there was no dialing tone. Well, this happen before especially during raining days. Usually after 1 or 2 days the phone line will back to normal. However this time, it seems like after 2 weeks the phone line is still not working properly. There is no problem on the internet access, so I did not realize the phone line is having some problem until my mom was complaining about it (I seldom make phone call at home).

So on 2 days before the Hari Raya break, I called to lodge the house phone problem. They said it will be fixed in 24 hours. The next day the home phone was fixed. However the streamyx was down. Me and hubby was so upset. Hubby later called up the streamyx help line to lodge the complain. They said will be fixed in 2 working days. However the next day was the Hari Raya holiday.

So the 2 rest days at home was without internet access. I had nothing much to do so I took the opportunity to sleep a lot (replacing the insufficient sleeping hours for the previous 2 days before the holidays due to working late till midnight in the office). And also take my own sweet time to clean the floor of the entire house.

Soon after the Hari raya holidays - Guess what? The home phone line was down again! Now both home phone and internet access are not available. What kind of service is this? I'm so upset and disappointed with the service provider.

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