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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh my car

I was so bad luck. My new car was being knocked down by a lady end of last month. We were heading for lunch with the family after visiting the child care center. We were on the queue waiting to make a u-turn in Jalan Cheras. As usual, the traffic was quite heavy due to it was Saturday afternoon. I was drinking my soup inside the car while the 2 kids were taking their nap. Suddenly a "bang" and I was thrown up a bit and the soup were all over my pants and the seats. I quickly check out the baby and the girl. Luckily both were fine and continue sleeping. Not to be bothered by what had just happened.

We drove in to the furniture mall nearby to take a look at the car. Well, it was quite badly hit. The MyVi car that hit us was not that bad, just some minor scratches. I felt very "sum tong" to see my new car being smashed and become out of shape. *cry*

Due to the busy work schedule, I managed to send the car for quotation and repair 2 weeks later in mid of October. Guess how much price I get quoted to fix the car? It was more than RM2000 ! I got shocked over the price. According to the person in-charge, the bumper and the back light need to be replaced (as the part that was holding it was broken). Just the parts itself already cost slightly more than 1k. Then the workmanship for the painting etc cost anothern 1k. So in total when I pay the bil it was closed to RM2100.

I pity the lady who hit my car. She was driving her friend's car. So she has to pay her friend as well as us. And she does not earn much. She proposed to pay by 4 installments to us. Me and hubby had to trust her and agreed on that. My brother and his wife think that we were too kind.

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