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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A special gift from the God

I was not having a very easy pregnancy with this boy. Not physically not fit, but having lots of emotional ups and downs throughout the pregnancy. What make thing worse is I'm not sure why he is brought to this world. However during that time, I keep on telling him that he's a strong baby, he's mommy's strong boy. Till now, I'm still telling him the same thing.

Last night, when I was nursing him, he was looking into my eyes. So close, so clear. He's telling me that "Mama, be strong."

Going through a lots of hurdles, stress and challenges in life in the past half year. Have been crying a lots too. At times when it was so tough, I will ask myself what what kind of tests that the God is giving me, and what more to come. Now I think besides the tests, the God also gives me this wonderful boy to help me along the way.

Zhe Hao, mama loves you!


Mummy to QiQi said...

yes, our children are so precious to us. each time i look at my children, i wonder if they will love me the same when I am old.

cheeyee said...

We won't know they will or not until the time has come. But we know for the moment, we will love them with our full heart. :)

Daddy said...

Hi cheeyee. Whenever I down and frustrated, all it takes is for me to take a quiet look at Ryan especially when he is sleeping soundly. That is enough to cheer me up and reminds me that my life is no longer mine but his.

Of course, I wish that he would love me back and lots more when I'm old but then again, a parent loves and gives expecting no returns (just like my parents to me).

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