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Monday, October 27, 2008

Zhe Hao first ride on car seat

Since Zhe Hao was born, he had been travelled on carrier whenever we go out by car. At first, it was easier to carry him in the carrier. Then due to his fractured femur, I think it will be better for him to continue on the carrier, as he can fully lie down his whole body on the carrier compared to car seat.

However as he grows, it was not too comfortable for him to lie in the carrier anymore. Not much room for him to stretch his body already. So I get back the old car seat where Lynn used to sit on till she's more than 1 years old, to install it in the car.

Today is Deepavali holiday, we decided to go to the bank and whole family had the lunch outside. I place Hao on the car seat. He was a good boy, did not make any noise about it. In fact, I think he will enjoy car seat more as he can now see me closer and able to view outside the car. See, he enjoy the ride so much. :)

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