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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lynn @ 2.5 years old

Since Lynn turns 2 years old, I can feel that she has grown a lot. Here are the milestone she has made so far: -

  • Able to wear shoe by herself
  • Able to eat by herself using spoon
  • No diaper during daytime. When we go out, she will tell me if she needs to go toilet
  • Able to wear clothes by herself
  • Able to take off and wear pant/skirt by herself
  • Know how to make her own milk
  • Go to bed by herself

Besides that, she also likes to sing and dance. Sometimes she will surprise us with her singing and dancing. She is an active child. She likes to jump and run. She will play with her little brother and acting like a big sister. :p Well, of course sometimes when she will feel jealous over her little brother. To get our attention, she will cry loudly (which made us become so mad!). She still have to learn to share things with her little brother. She is still very much want to sit on the stroller when we go out and said it is hers. We have to persuade her to let Hao use the stroller. Good thing she listens to us.

In overall, she is a good girl (as long as she is not crying). I know she is still very much want our attention a lot. I will give as much as I can.

Lynn, papa and mama love u!

Weight: 12.5kg
Height: 98cm

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