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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Child Development Clinic

Zhe Hao got an appointment with the Child Development Clinic (CDC) on Monday. This appointment was arranged when Hao was discharged from the hospital for his fractured femur incident. The CDC clinic is kind of different from other clinics. 1 month before the appointment, I received letter from CDC clinic to remind me about the appointment. And if cannot make it, can change date time. Then later they called up again to confirm on the appointment. About 1 week before the appointment date, they sms me to confirm the appointment again. I never got this from other clinic like the Paed clinic and the Ortho clinic. So unlike other clinic, I don't have to wait long for my turn.

The doctor first asked questions about the Zhe Hao's development. Then she played some games with him. Checking his leg. Make sure his growth is normal. Last time because we don't know how the fractured bone happened, the doctors actually suspected it's a SCAN (suspect child abuse and neglected) case. That's the reason why the CDC clinic gave this appointment - to make sure no such incident will happen again.

The doctor (she's a Paed also) also check Hao's leg. She said if Hao's development of the leg is slower, she may consider sending him for physiotherapy. If he's normal, then she will consider discharge him from CDC. Hmm... I wonder does private clinic will have this kind of follow-up to their patient?

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