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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Poor Zhe Hao

Have not been posting for the past 2 weeks. Yes, something has happen., to the little baby Hao, and all of us are very shock about it.

Aug 31 (Morning): After I have bathed Zhe Hao (wanted to take him out to visit a friend, who has just give birth few weeks back), when I was changing diaper for him, I noticed his right thigh was much bigger size than the left thigh. I thought maybe he did not exercise that leg much so causing the different in size.

Aug 31 (Afternoon): When I changed diaper for him again, I paid a closer look to both legs again. This time I realized the different in size was due to the right thigh is swollen. That's why it's so much bigger. I was wondering how come the thigh was swollen.

Aug 31 (Evening): Zhe Hao was crying. And I noticed that the right leg was not moving. I started to get more worried. Tried to call up the child clinic nearby our house to check if it was opened (usually it opens on Sunday night but due to Aug 31 was a public holiday). Unfortunately no one pick up the call, means the clinic was not opened.

Sept 1 (Morning): Called the child clinic again. It was opened in the morning. So me and hubby quickly took Zhe Hao to see the doctor. I was praying nothing bad happened on him.

The pead advised us to take Hao to the hospital for further checking as he found the thigh is quite swollen. So he wrote us a referral letter to HUKM.

Sept 1 (Afternoon): We reached the HUKM Emergency unit. Zhe Hao was immediately given treatment and brought into the treatment room inside. I followed the nurse into the treatment room while hubby went to make the payment. Only 1 parent is allowed in the treatment room. They took some blood sample from Hao. And then he was sent for the x-ray.

The x-ray showed that his right thigh was having fracture. We were all shock. There were no falling accidents ever happen at home, and I did not hear any from the babysitter too. So how is Hao get the fractured bone?

According to the doctors, the fracture had been happened about 1-2 weeks ago, as the new bone has grown. As to we cannot explained how he got the fractured bone, they suspected NAI (Non-accident injury) and wanted Zhe Hao to be admitted for further investigation.


Mummy to QiQi said...

Oh God, I wonder how did it happen? really makes me worry reading your post. Lots of people telling me that baby's leg should not be left hanging out when we sling them (as we could put pressure into their little knee and stop the blood from flowing). I got worry whenever I see my maid carry the baby this way.

Hope your son gets well soon. Do update yeah!

liteng said...

poor lil' boy... hope he's ok!! God Bless!!

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