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Saturday, August 23, 2008

If I have a chance to go back...

If I have a chance to go back,

  • will I still go to the same company to work?
  • will I still meeting same people?
  • will I still want to get married?
  • will I marry to the same man?
  • will I still want to have my own children?
  • will I still want to have more than 1 child?
  • will I still make the same decision?

What will be my life if

  • I go to different company to work?
  • I did not get married?
  • I married to a different man?
  • I do not give birth?

I think no matter how, there will always be time where we are not happy, and we cannot escape to have no regrets in our life. Just like stock market, life is full of ups and downs. There are happy moments, sad moments, there are meants to have disappointment, regrets, dissatisfaction. We have to learn to deal with all these emotions throughout our whole life.

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