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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hao - 1 month old

We celebrated Zhe Hao's fullmoon celebration on July 27, 2008 (Sunday). There is no party inviting friends, just a dinner with all family members on both side. For those relatives and friends who come visiting during the confinement month, we gave them the pre-ordered fullmoon package from the fullmoon specialty shop as a token of thanks and appreciation.

This time, I feel the confinement month as if very short. I will definitely miss the time with the confinement lady around as I can have as much of rest as I want, without worrying about taking care of the 2 kids. We gave a big ang pow to the confinement lady (even though I'm not too happy with the food that she cooks) for her excellent service (taking care of our food, laundry, clean the house and help take care of Lynn too) during the month.

Oh yes, forgot to include this earlier: -
Weight: 5.1kg (birth weight 3.67kg)
Height: 58cm (at birth 52.5cm)


Mummy to QiQi said...

hi Chee Yee, thanks for visiting my site! What a coincident, we celebrate our child/children's fullmoon the same day too! nice meeting you.

liteng said...

1st time here... u have a cute baby boy!

cheeyee said...

thanks liteng

chin nee- maybe some day in the future we should take all the boys out to meet up. it's not so easy to know some one who has same birthday with you, on the same hospital some more. :)

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