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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Taking care 2 kids

It has been almost a month since I last blog. Well, I think you should have guessed it. The confinement lady left after baby fullmoon, so now I have to take care 2 kids by myself when hubby is off to work. Really does not have much time for myself until both kids have slept at night. I need to bathe both kids, nurse the baby, prepare food for Lynn, do the laundery, food for myself etc. Don't even have much time to rest also. Sometimes after nursing Hao, time to prepare food for Lynn. After settle down Lynn, time to nurse Hao again. Sometimes I don't even manage to cook a proper lunch or dinner for myself. Very difficult to have a fixed time for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not to mention the lunch/dinner can take up to more than 1 hour, just because baby crying during the meal. By the time both kids have slept at night, I will become so tired and sleepy already. Feel like becoming a superwomen. :)

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