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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Waaaa!!!! I want milk!!!

Since few days back, if you pass through my house, you will hear a lots of "Waaaa..........." - baby crying sounds. Why? Almost every hour, Little Zhe Hao will wake up crying for milk. And then each time after passing motion, he will ask for milk also. When he cannot sleep, he asks for milk also, even during night time. I feel so tiring, just to feed him.

I have heard that baby boy eat more. I think this is true. Moreover Zhe Hao is slightly on the big size, so he needs more milk too. And recently, he likes to pull and tear towards the end of the feed. Even thought I have been putting on the cream, but still cannot escape for not having a sore nipple. Each time feeding him, is a pain to me. *sob sob....*

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