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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Check up after taking venofer

One week after finish taking the last venofer, I was requested to go back to the hospital for check up. This is to ensure my hemoglobin is at the normal reading level, after taking all the venofer.

So I went back to the hospital yesterday. Since I did not need to see the doctor, I did not need to wait long to get my blood test taken by the nurse from the lab. After that, I can go home already. The results will be ready on the next day. And I just need to make a call to check for my results.

I was told to call up in the afternoon of the following day after the blood was taken. So earlier this afternoon, I called up the number given by the nurse to check my blood test results. When I was told that the blood test results are okay, I feel a relief. I really do not want to take more venofer already. My hand still in pain even until today.

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