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Friday, July 4, 2008

Pregnancy check up - Week 38

Went for another check up at June 24. During these 2 weeks, I really watch out what am I eating, and reduce the amount of food intake. It was difficult. Imagine you are feeling hungry and yet you cannot eat too much. My boss took all of us for a good lunch on the occasion of office relocation. However I cannot eat as much as I wanted, due to the doctor's advice. Oh looking at those mouth-watering dishes but can only take a small amount is really a torture.

Finally I feel a bit relief, when I was being told that my weight remained the same as 2 weeks back. And baby has just gained 0.1 kg to 3.1kg. Phew! Doctor also mentioned baby's head already engaged (that's the reason causing me feeling pain when walking) and baby is ready to come out at anytime. Well, recently I have been telling the baby, that he knows his true birthday, he knows what is the best time to come out, the best position etc. Most important is both of us will be safe. Now I'm just waiting for the big day. At the mean time, I need to settle some of the things in work before the arrival of the big day.

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