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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sleeping with mommy

I think it is quite common that children always sleep with the mommy, instead with the daddy. When Lynn was still a baby, she would like to be breastfed to sleep. It's like her habit, must suck to sleep. If mommy was not around, she will suck her own thumb to sleep. Till now Lynn is already 2 years old, we still find it very hard to get rid of her thumb sucking habit. Due to this, whenever the mommy at home, Lynn sure want to sleep with the mommy. Daddy has no way able to get her to bed, unless mommy is not around.

After I stop breastfeeding Lynn, she still want me to accompany her to bed. I have to sleep next to her on the same bed, until she has fallen asleep. Then only I can leave the room and do my own things. I have tried to let her sleep by herself, but she will just cry or refuse to go to bed unless I go to bed with her. During the late pregnancy, my stomach was so big that I feel it is difficult for me to get up from the floor (Lynn is sleeping with us on the same room, but on her own single size mattress on the floor next to our bed), so I told her that mommy cannot sleep together with her. She compromise for few days, then she will start making noise and request me to sleep together with her on her mattress. I have been trying so hard to make her understand that she has grown up, she needs to learn to sleep by herself and not with mommy all the time. I guess she still a bit young to understand this. *sigh*

After deliver Hao, my perineum muscle was so pain that I can hardly move around. Definitely I will not sleep with Lynn on her mattress on the floor. As expected, she compromised for few days and then started making noise again. However we insisted that mommy cannot sleep with her. Getting her to bed was so difficult as we had to spend time explaining, comforting her and pursuit her to sleep. Now after 3 weeks, she never ask me to sleep with her on her mattress anymore (I hope she will not ask for it anymore. :p) but she will still insist me sleep with her at the same time. So it will be like she sleep on her own mattress on the floor, while I sleep on my own bed 'together' with her. Every night, I have to spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour to get her to bed, before I can continue complete other things.

I really wish that very soon one day, she can sleep by herself. Looking forward for the day to come. :)

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