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Friday, July 18, 2008

Government hospital

Many people are sceptical about going to government hospital. As for me, I delivered both Lynn and Hao in the government hospital nearby my house - HUKM. Choosing HUKM firstly is because it is near my house, less than 30 minutes away, and the traffic going to the hospital is not heavy, compared to other parts of Cheras. I would not like to stuck in the jam on the way to hospital, worrying that I may not get it there on time to deliver the baby due to the traffic jam.

I'm not sure if I'm considered lucky or not. In both deliveries, I was having pleasant experience with all people from the O&G unit of the hospital. The doctors and the nurses are friendly and helpful.

For Lynn, she was admitted twice due to jaundice. Each time they needed to take some blood to get the bilirubin reading. I remembered few times the blood was taken by some newbie doctor or trainee, where they are not experienced in taking the blood. Lynn was crying non-stop and loudly throughout the whole process and I fell so sorry for that. Luckily only 2-3 occasions and not all the time. Other time, there were some students around and we were being asked lots of questions about Lynn.

Due to her very high reading in the bilirubin level, she was given an appointment on ear test on her hearing when she was being discharged the second time. This is to ensure the high bilirubin did not affect her hearing. And we just need to pay very minimum amount for it. Well, I don't think if I sent her to the private hospital, we will getting this kind of treatment, or even if we did, it may be very costly.

Lynn's jaundice did not go away even after her full moon. She was then diagnosed with prolong jaundice and the hospital even performed an ultra-sound on her liver, to make sure her liver is not abnormal. And every 2 weeks, I was required to take Lynn back to hospital, to check her bilirubin reading, to make sure it was decreasing. They did all kind of test, to make sure she is healthy. So how can I say government hospital is not good?

For the second delivery, I needed to take the venofer. I was told that venofer treatment is not available in all hospital. And I believe if I go to the private hospital, it will be costly. However I just need to pay RM5 for each visit, and RM10 for the medication. Where else can I get this?

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Mummy to QiQi said...

haha.....same place of delivery!! If only we knew each other before this, we could have met in HUKM. I was in Wad Intan, how about you?

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