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Friday, July 4, 2008

Finally... here come the big day!

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. However I didn't really get a good sleep. Baby was pressing at my perineum, causing much pain, even when I'm not walking. I wonder how can I go to work on Monday.

Usually I will go to the market on Sunday morning. However due to the pain, I have decided to stay home. Hubby was cooking breakfast for all of us. I was sitting at the sofa, watching the tv together with Lynn while waiting for the breakfast to be served. Suddenly I feel some pain on the stomach and my lower back. My first instinct was am I having a contraction? The pain seems familiar - almost the same kind of contraction pain that I was having with Lynn. I waited for the next pain to come, and looked at the clock. It was 9.30am.

The next pain come at 9.35am, and then at 9.40am - 5 minutes interval - exactly the same as Lynn's. Hubby looked at me when I tried to hold on the pain when it come. The contraction is not that bad, but the lower back pain (that come with the contraction) is unbearable.

After the breakfast, I went to the toilet. And this time I saw the mucus plug has come off. So the baby wanted to come out today. Good boy, he seems to know that I have finally completed my task on hand on Friday, submitted the tax on Saturday, and now it's the day for him to come!

I told hubby about the contraction. We both decided we should go to hospital now. I took a shower. (It took me quite a while, due to the frequent contraction). Called my mom to help take care of Lynn for the day (luckily she was not working on that day) and quickly packed some clothes for Lynn. By then, it was already close to 12pm when we leave the house, 2.5 hours after contraction started.

I went to register myself at the hospital. After some checking, I was pushed to the labour room at 1pm. At that time, the cervix was 7cm opened. I need to wait till it fully dilated at 10cm. Mom still not here yet. So hubby cant come into the labour room with me, as he has to take care of Lynn outside.

Similar to last delivery, my water bag didn't break by itself. So the doctor has to break the water bag. After that, it is just a waiting time. I was looking at the clock, it was past 1.30pm, but still no sign of hubby yet. The nurse has put a drip on my left wrist as I cant take any food at the moment. I was trying to tell myself to relax when the contraction come.

Finally hubby came in around 2pm. The contraction started getting stronger. The cervix now is 8cm dilated. However doctor said it's still not the time yet. Have to wait for about 1 hour more for the cervix to fully dilated. Oh... still an hour more to go. The contraction was getting stronger and stronger. Finally, it reached a point where I can feel the baby is pushing out and this is very difficult to hold back. The doctor came in and gave signal for me to push in the next contraction.

I remembered it was 4 pushes altogether (I only needed to push twice for Lynn to come out) - 1 short and 3 very long push. Finally I can feel the baby is out. What a relief. Yes, it's a baby boy! The baby was in blue-ish red, then I heard a loud baby cry. It was closed to 2.30pm.

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