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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lynn become a baby

After the birth of the baby boy, Lynn has been observing how we are taking care of the baby. Example she saw that her little brother is wearing diaper, she has requested to wear diaper too during the day even though she is already potty train. At times, she even pee on the floor (too late to go to potty) or sometimes she even pass motion on her pant. Of course after few times I'll become crazy and mad at her, for giving me extra work to clean her up while I'm already not having enough time for everything.

She also has almost become a cry baby too. She won't get jealous to her little brother, but she becomes more demanding for our attention on her. She will cry for very little thing, example want us to get her the water bottle even though it's just less than a feet away from her, want me to feed her the milk like the way I hold Hao when nursing him etc. And she become very demanding when only me, Hao and her at home. She will be more good girl with her papa around (she's more scare to her papa but not me even though I never pamper her). I think it's very true that people always said "the children are always bully the mother".

However there is one thing I'm happy about is - finally Lynn can sleep without my accompaniment. Yay!

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