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Saturday, September 13, 2008

4 days in the hospital...

While we were thinking what kind of treatment that Hao needed, the doctors were thinking what was the cause of the fractured bone. To them, this is a serious injury. They said a normal fall would not cause the bone to be broken (yes, i saw the x-ray, 1 bone has been broken into 2 smaller bones.)

In total, Zhe Hao was admitted for 4 days (from Sept 1 - 4). In fact, according to the paed ortho doc, Zhe Hao required no treatment. Since he was still a baby. the bone will require by itself. It will take about another month more (since they said it happened about 2 weeks ago). By the time, it will be back to 1 whole bone by itself. When I asked about any side effects from the fractured bone, I was told that any side effects will not be visible when he grow up later. As for Zhe Hao, he is just like normal. He did not really cry a lot, does not seems to be in pain. At least I feel relief seeing him being normal. His diet is normal, passing motion also normal, did not complain when I move his leg when changing diaper etc. As long as we be more careful on his right leg, do not cause any pain to him, Zhe Hao basically is just like normal.

And since Zhe Hao does not need treatment at all, so why we still need to be in the hospital for 4 days?

Day 1 (Night): the paed doc came to ask me details on Zhe Hao, like who take care of him, who else in the family, in the babysitter house, any accidents, how Lynn treats Zhe Hao etc.

Day 2 (Morning): Another paed doc come asking me a little bit more details than the first paed doc. Then she told me about the NAI, about what they need to be done as the doctor, in order to protect the child, they need to investigate how this could happen, to make sure no child abuse incident etc.

Also when other doctors, nurses or other parents come to know that Zhe Hao was having fractured bone, they all started asking did he fall down, is he taken care by the babysitter etc. Most of the people suspecting the babysitter but me and hubby are not. The same babysitter has been taken care Lynn when Lynn was still a baby. Lynn has been well taken care of. And the babysitter family all treat Lynn very well. Buying clothes for her, buying toys for her, taken her out for shopping, willing to take care of her till late, or even overnight, willing to take care of her even during public holiday when me and hubby need to go to work. And she's not a calculative person. She never ask for any OT money from us. So we trust her will not harm Zhe Hao. However we do worry that if it's caused by the kids. Besides Lynn, the babysitter also is taking care her one year old granddaughter too.

Day 2 (Afternoon): Zhe Hao was taken for another x-ray session - to scan any other places in his body that also having bone fractured. The doctors also examined his whole body for any bruises.

Day 3 (Morning): The eye specialist doc came over to check Zhe Hao's eyes, see if there is any internal bleeding. Poor Zhe Hao... when the eye specialist come over, he was just fallen asleep. Howeve the examination required him to have his eyes open. So they forced to open his eyes and he was crying loudly complaining the doc disturb him sleeping. Until me also feel like crying. Luckily the whole session did not take that long but enough to make you feel pity to the boy having to go through all this examinations despite the fact that he's not being abused.

Day 3 (Afternoon): Both me and hubby, as well as the babysitter were required to be in the hospital to be interviewed by the doctors. So I had to repeat the story how I found his leg swollen then sent him to hospital for further checking... After that, we were required to lodge a police report. It is for the hospital to further carry out the investigation. The people from social welfare will pay a visit to our home as well as babysitter home, to ensure the environment are safe for the baby.

Of course the doctor will not trust the babysitter. However I do believe they don't think we the parents will abuse the baby. How can a mother who is fully breastfeeding the child will abuse her own baby? This not make sense at all. And because I need to breastfeed Zhe Hao, I had been 'stucked' in the hospital, 24 hrs a day, to take care and breastfeed him. So my job in the hospital is breastfeed Hao, eat, sleep, drink, rest. That's all. It was sooo cold in the hospital at night. I could not sleep well as it was too cold. Thanks to hubby who brought me the blanket on the 3rd day so at least I still get to sleep well on that night. It was a tiring experience. But I'm glad Zhe Hao is fine.

Day 4: Finally we were allowed to go home. And I need to take Zhe Hao come back hospital for x-ray after one month.


liteng said...

baby is 'fragile'.. i also scared if i hurt my babies without my knowledge. anyway, since doc let him discharge should be all right :) dun worry so much. u must take care so that u can take care ur boy.

Alice Law said...

Poor Hao, didn't know he has been through that much!

cheeyee said...

Alice Law - Most important, he's alright now! And does not seems to have any side effect. He can run and jump as normal. :)

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