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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Visiting Lynn's old nanny

It was more than 2 months since we last met with Lynn's old nanny. We stopped sending Lynn to her because she couldn't take care both Lynn and Hao at the same time. When I get to know that I was pregnant, I had already requested her to take care both kids. She agreed at the beginning. However later she told me that her daughter-in-law got pregnant too and her son would like her to take care the child. Since both babies will be only 3 months apart, she said it will be difficult for to take care both babies at the same time, without another pair of helping hand. The son initially said will get a maid for her, but changed their mind later on. So the babysitter had no choice to tell me that she could not take care Hao. Well, since I had to find another babysitter for Hao, so we decided to send Lynn to playschool at the same time.

This babysitter had been taking care of Lynn since she was 2 months old. We had been developing a very good relationship with their family. The whole family are very good to Lynn and us. She even helped me to take care Hao, before I managed to get a new babysitter and before her daughter-in-law gave birth. Lynn was very much attached to the nanny (she called them Ah Kong and Ah Mah as they are Hokkiens). When we stopped sending Lynn to them, I wanted to buy a gift to the babysitter. However I was too busy with work at that time, so did not manage to go do some shopping. Last month, my sister-in-law opened her own boutique shop in Kuchai Lama. While visiting her new shop, I found a very nice crystal bracelet that was made byher sister there. Without much hesitation, I bought the bracelet for the nanny. Since it was a bit short, I had requested to make the bracelet longer and finally i got it about 2 weeks ago. (Oops, forgot to take a picture of the bracelet before giving it away to the nanny. See how forgetful I am. Sigh. )

We had a good time chatting with the Ah Kong and Ah Mah. While Lynn had a good time playing with their grand daughter (they used to play together in the past). Ah Kong even gave Lynn a very big donut to eat. So when I was leaving 2 hours later, Lynn refused to follow me home. Sigh... got Ah Mah, don't want mommy already. So hubby went to pick her up later when coming back from work.

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