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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stranger anxiety - Part 2

It was a busy weekend last week. We have few outings during the weekend. First it was Lynn's first performance (will write a separate post on this) on Friday afternoon. Then Saturday we were attending my friend's wedding dinner reception. On Monday we went out for shopping with my Mother-in-law. For all these outings, we brought Hao and Lynn along, hoping Hao will improve on his stranger anxiety emotion after meeting more people.

My mother followed us to Lynn's school performance. Just few days before that, Hao refused to be carried by my mom. He was crying all the time. So on Friday, my mom become smarter. She talked to him, played with him while in the car to the Wisma Tun Sambanthan where the performance was held. We can hear Hao laughing all the time happily playing with my mom. So she has no problem carrying him on Friday. :)

On Saturday, we brought both Lynn and Hao to the wedding dinner reception. Hao took a short nap after having his milk, woke up 1 hour later by the noisy environment. My friends tried to carry him. Well, they are smart too. They talked to him before carrying him. Again, Hao did not cry while being carried by my friends. He smiled a lot that night too. :)

Similarly on Monday, Hao smiled and laughed a lot playing with my mother-in-law. We are very happy to see some improvement in Hao. At least, he wont be just only clingy to us. :)

As for Lynn, in fact after she has grown up, she become more shy in front of stranger, or people that she seldom meet.

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